Caution: Bad Person Here. Inventing Really Bad Words

All my frustration is tickling my creative self as a result my creativity shake hands with the bad person in my head. Now we can have pretty good and new name calling system in town. It takes practice for poor good people but for really really bad people it comes as natural as breaths.

Here you go. Enjoy the latest bad words.

Gutter Mind! (Is it new?)

You are short on Brain Muscle!

Your soul swimming in potty water!

Go Die in Dustbin!

Go smell dirty baby’s diapers!

Shut Your Garbage Hole!

You have pee running in your veins, not blood!

Bang Your Head on the Toilet Seat!

Flush your brain in the toilet!

DIE You Dirty Freak Munching on Manholes Rubbish!

We will come back with more soon. For the mean time use these freely!

And spread evil!!!!


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