I Am Back But Who Cares

When someone leaves we value him the most but ever thought about the one leaving? Life can be cruel. Yes, it can. It can give you everything and before you start celebrating it can take the one thing you loved probably the most. And man, being greedy could not help mourning the loss even with all the joy at hand.

My blog has earned almost 200 followers when I was not around. I was trying to take in what life has gifted and what it threw at my face.

Atish is no longer in her farm. She has left the village and everyone and everything behind (hopefully, for good). She misses her sheep a lot. It is a huge city with tall buildings and bright lights. This city never sleeps but Atish does. She now lives in a beautiful apartment. She has all that she did not even thought about. In the village she used laptop and now she has iPhone, iPad and that old little sick laptop. She never knew that there is something which is called convection cooking. She can cook, bake, grill, microwave, steam and bar b q, all in a mere single appliance of 2 feet!  She eats food from all over the world! She has the latest LG TV. She is in one of the most lavish and expensive city in the world. Her lifestyle has transformed but she still misses her sheep.

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