About Black Grey and White

If you are looking for some motivation, some humor, some touching stories, or anything to lift your spirits up or make you think deeply for a while, you are at the right place on web.

This is coming from an ordinary mind, but you may sometimes find it extra-ordinary.

About Author
A soul with broken wings falling from the sky, slipping down a spiral, struggling to rise and searching for light.
It has only one desire; to elevate from the darkness and go into the lights. It is holding tight on the desire and climbing up with its shoots.
Thunder bolts make the soul fall again and again, but the light they bring makes it easy to see. The soul share this light and help other souls to come up.
A buried faith is coming to life; soon the soul will enter into the lights and share the rays to those struggling down the spiral.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Pat. It was affirming. Waiting for the light to come and never go away. Flashes can be a sign of the soon-to-be-arrived permanent light. Can they?

      1. All you need is intent…a willingness to receive and the Light comes. We are part of the Divine, from the Creator which is pure love energy. As we have free choice, we must choose to call the Light…but we can do so just by wanting and asking for it in our lives. I honor your intent and send you much Light and Love. big hug, pat

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