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I tried, I tried to encapsulate my soul. To put it all in a chest and burry somewhere far..far away where any eye could not reach it. But it rose again in my heart as it was buried there not anywhere else. It was I who was running away from my own self.

What the hell I was thinking when I gave myself away to the tornadoes? Why did I not take my own responsibility? Why I jumped off the cliff?

But now, when the wild wind has thrown me on the stony mountains, my head has struck to a rock and I am bleeding. I have become fierce. I am ready to kick the world’s ass! And as I am already out. I am free.

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What is it with Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, warmth, glow in eyes, radiant faces and devotion; this can spread smile of satisfaction on your lips and a calmness in your heart but it is NONSENSE! Really. Love is a fantasy created by some French theatre artists. People loved to watch their plays about this hypothetical concept and they started liking it. Slowly, it became norm.

But Hello!!! It does not exist. If you have ever given someone that unconditional love you must be well aware of the heartache it causes.

It disturbs hearts, distresses brains, and stomach. I am sure people were not aware of the heartburn, acid refluxes and nausea before this French concept of… NO!!!! not French fries!!! I am talking about love here and your mind was wandering in the kitchen? Go and make those freaking potato chips. Eat, pray but DONT love.

At the end.

Sometimes we must take risks just to check how much we can fall. Surely, our anticipation through this check can go very wrong and it may turn out to be the most foolish act. Or just like calling a catastrophe before its time. But we should check. Ignorance is surely bliss but it is ignorance and ignorance it is.
Why not jump off the cliff just to check the depths we can fall into? wow! It is crazy. But how about going crazy sometimes or at least once in a lifetime.
How about loving the bad just to feel secure about the permanence of it. Why not hate good just because it can be temporary and it sure happens to be temporary. To feel the emptiness that treachery brings with it or just to feel the absence of love. You fall, you make mistakes, everyone does. Every heart bleeds.
Everyone searches for a shelter; a permanent shelter. God’s? Yes, only this shelter is permanent. But why do we need other humans? Because we can never be less human. Only a few chosen ones can be carefree when it comes to this love that we all are aware of. We, others, we can only enter into the shelter when life meets death; at the end.

Masterchef US

Okay! I admit I watch cookery TV channels a-l-o-t! No, wonder whenever I come across that red golden monogram while randomly browsing TV channels; I stop. Today, they were showing a recording of MasterChef US (season-unknown) and as it is my habit I stopped to take a look. Well, there was a guy who made some Greek soup with a variation of putting a butter. They did not like it and throw some hurtful remarks. Later, they cover it up providing that guy the chance to propose his girlfriend in the same show. It became a huge moment of the couple’s life. It was a initial selection episode so they were showing the participants serving their dishes to the judges and the remarks of those judges. Now, I don’t know do you think that making a variation in something to eat can call for insults? There are people who appeared alien to me, but should we throw insults at people who we do not like? You can just say, “No”, and that would be enough.
I apologize in advance if I offend some MasterChef’s fan out there.
P.S.: I don’t do such Tv articles so, you may find it absurd.

Things Are More Valuable Than Human Beings

Everything in this world was made to serve mankind. It was not vice versa. I wonder why humans are losing their humanity and becoming more robotic who only know two things; Profit and loss. How sad it is to see how humans are humiliating other humans.
Personally, I never liked the artificial environment of so-called “professional world”, especially the workplaces that run around ‘money’; the biggest lie of the world.

Why Do Humans Do This To Their Own Species?

I posted this on my stories blog (, but now I think it deserves to be here.
“What they do to their own species. I hate humans.” Browny said to the other pegions on the Square.
“Well I enjoy here. All I want is food so i dont care who is giving it to me.” Bubbly was still munching on food.
“Yeah! Seriously, dude! You have serious issues.” Rocky was trying to impress Twinkle with his ‘cool-dude-attitude’.
“Eh yeah, mayabe some phobia like humanphobia or something.” Freaky was sure about it. Afterall, he has lived with a human psychiatrist for many days.
Psycho cho cho…. someone coughed or called him psycho.
“I am feeling like flying in solitude now. See ya later.” Browny did want to hear these disturbing thoughts. “These pigeons are eating their food and have started to talk like them. They make fun of me. I am their own kind!”
“Hello! Where are you flying?” Lucky seems happier today.
“Hi, I was just… I am not feeling like talking to these crazy birds.”
“oh whao oh! What happened? Are you angry? Do you want me stop flying with you?”
“No. You are nice. I am just angry because they make fun of me.”
“I am not happy with the humans. So, sometimes I… leave it. You tell me. Why are humans so cruel to their own kind? I have seen people snatching other’s huge egg like moving nests they use to go fetch food…”
“Yes. And I have seen them killing others. Although, they dont eat the dead later. I have seen them snatching others food and even others babies! Hurting female-humans. I can tell you a lot. I have lived here since I came out of the egg. ”
“I know it too. You are not wrong. But, I think you dont know them closely enough to understand them well. I was once saved by a human when another one shot me with his gun.”
“Really? How can you fly now?”
“It is because of that other good natured human. He cured me. See, my friend, humans are complicated. They all are good and bad. My mother used to tell me it is all because of humans; this whole world. God wanted them to be happy, that is why He created us. They see us fly and love it. For them, God painted the sky blue and give everything its colors.
You are right, though. They are becoming worse day by day. But, believe me, there are still good humans out there. ”
“How do you know?”
“Reason 1: I observe them closely. Reason 2: My mother told me that when all humans become evil, world will be destroyed.”

What’s so funny about mental illness?

Not much to say, I think you will like this…

Taking a Day off Home Chores

It is a small house in the middle of a residential block in Vitalia, a small town in Whereeverland. There live five siblings together-three brothers and two sisters; Alex, Raphel, Alice, Jasmine and Nile. They live together because no one of them can afford separate accomodation. So, only the blood relation was there, no love relation.
Today is Sunday. Calm and quiet like any other Sunday at Jeffreys. Everyone wakes up late. Alex turns on the tv; Raphel joins him. Jasmine starts playing Candy Crush. Nile, youngest of all, 18 year old, is still in bed. The same old routine Sunday it is! But everyone is unaware of what is going to happen to them. Alice is taking a day off!
When Alice grew up, she took over mother’s chores. Mother needed to rest. Soon she realized that there is no one in the house who appreciates what she did for them all day long. She trained herself to work without even getting noticed, just like her mother, but, nearly, a year after her mother’s death, she notices a strange behaviour of her siblings towards her. Before, no one appreciated and for Alice, it was acceptable. But now, everyone is always on his toes to critisize, to question pitty things in the house. She cannot take it no more. That’s why she has decided to stop. Stop whatever she does.
Alice wakes up and turns on her laptop. Updates her blog with a small story. And waits. Waits for the panic to begin. And here it goes!
” I think a cat has done it. The whole wrapper is scratched!” Jasmine’s voice is coming from the kitchen. “Yeah, no one can eat it now.”
“What! I brought it last night. See if it is still eatable”, Raphel jumped out of the sofa and runs to the kitchen.
“Oh yes! It was a cat. I woke uo last night to go to the toilet and there was a cat sitting there in the kitchen.” Alex drag himself to kitchen where everyone seems to gather. ” Raphel! go and fetch another bread!”, Alex ordered.
‘What makes him think he is the King of the house?’ Alice thought. She was still on her laptop, typing and smiling at her own anticipation of what is going to happen next.
“Milk! Milk! We are out of milk too!” ,Alice larks from her room, with an evil grin and goes back to her blogging. Nile has waken up.He is in bathroom now. Alice is deeply indulged in whatever she is scriblling. Jasmine is crushing candies on Facebook, again. Alex is watching some political news on tv. Raphel has gone to buy milk and bread.
After a few minutes, someone knocks at the gate. Alice knows Raphel is back. No one goes to open the door. Alice plugs in the laptop charger, opens the gate, takes the milk and bread and goes straight into the kitchen. She boils milk, take out 4 slices of bread. ‘Small-sized bread’ ha!’, she smiles. She beats an egg and makes tea.
Breakfast is ready, but today only for Alice. She has not even cleaned the kitchen last night. Pile of unwashed dishes was lying in the sink. She comes out with her toasts, scrambled egg and a nice hot cup of tea. She opens her laptop again and waits for the tornado to hit the kitchen.
“She is not making breakfast”, Jasmine tells Raphel in a low tone while taking out juice and biscuits.
Nile comes out of the bathroom.
“You just make yourself breakast?” he says with somewhat ‘astonishing disappointment’.
“Yes”, she says as if nothing unusual has happened. Niles leaves the room.
“Raphel! Raphel! You did not bought enough bread!”,Alex yells. Raphel is downstairs.
“I have just brought milk and bread!”
“Yes, but it is small bread. Nile is making his breakfast. There is nothing for me!”
Raphel comes upstairs. He cannot believe his anticipation of bread size could go wrong.
“Here is the bread” Raphel shows the packet.
“It is not enough!”
Raphel opens the gate to go to the bakery.
“Fetch an egg too! There is only one egg left. Nile is frying egg for himself. There is no egg for me!” Alex cried as Raphel takes a few steps outside.
‘There is no bread for me! There is no egg for me! Me, me me!’ Alice mimicked slowly and smile. She was enjoying the scene, but deep down in heart she was unhappy. There is no one in all these four who can put a little effort to keep all of us together even just on breakfast table on sundays. She sighed.
After a few minutes Raphel is back. Nile is eating his breakfast. Suddenly a hustle starts outside the room in front of kitchen.
“Here is the cat!”
“Yes! Yes! It is the same cat”
“Shoo Shoo! ”
“Who gave it milk yesterday? Now, it will coming back”
“Shoo Shoo”
Alex and Raphel can be so ridiculuos sometimes. The cat has left. It is quiet now for a few seconds.
Strange sounds starts coming out of the kitchen.
Now, the only voice is of some actress coming out of the TV.
Alice feeels to have another cup of tea. She goes to kitchen. It seems like a real tornedo had hit this area. Not a single spoon is clean! She knows she will have to clean all the mess, but not at this time. ‘See how it goes in lunch and dinner’ she makes tea and comes out of the kitchen keeping her smile to herself.

Village News- 14th Feb.Funny Fight Day

Hello Villagers!
Here we are in the village’s most renowned day ever! We are here, right in front of fighting ring, where in a few minutes you will be seeing the world’s greatest funny fights ever! We have about two hundred couples participating in the Biggest Funny Fighting Competition and the winning couple will be awarded with a Free World Tour from the government! The ritual lasts for about 2 hours. It is celebrated each year on 14th February, right here on these grounds.
For those who are still wondering what a Funny Fight Day is. Here is a quick historical background. Over to Nathaniel (the History Freak)!

Thank you ( you weirdo!) Hello, People of the World! It all started with a BIG BANG! Yes, It all started when we were in some unknown stage of evolution and the Greatest Greatest…Great Grandpa-Grandma were arguing about Egg Recipe. Grandpa wanted to boil the egg in water and to go on a walk with Dino, the pet while Grandma wanted to beat the eggs with some strange looking vegetables and then cook the mixture on heat. They argued , argued , argued and then started the real fight *BANG* Grandma couldn’t take it anymore, she threw the wooden utensil away that hit the neighbor who was standing in his garden. He became angry and thinking that Grandpa actually threw that thing at him, started yelling at Grandpa. Grandpa started yelling at Grandma,

“It happened all because of you!”
“No, it happened because YOU never listen to me!”
“All the women are the same!”
“How do you know about all the other women?”
“I am going outside! You are the trouble maker in this house!”
“O really? I am the trouble maker? What do you think about yourself? huh? You are so irresponsible!”
“Irresponsible? Me? Don’t bring that now!”
“Why? Just because I am right here? You just want to put the egg in water to boil so you can enjoy playing with Dino. And here is me, doing all the home chores, trying to invent something for our future generations!”
“Future generations! What the Hell! You are now just getting on my nerves!”

and the fight continues. Listening the noise outside, all the couples in the neighborhood came outside. Someone said something to defend Grandma. Another voice opposed that. After a few minutes every couple in the street was fighting. Throwing things on each other, shouting, taunting. This fight took over the whole village within a few more minutes.
Meanwhile, a kid reported that boiled egg and the egg with vegetables were ready. And they both were equally delicious. Thus the fight came to an end.
It was a morning dated, 14th February, some unknown year. Back to the Alice.

Thank you Nathaniel!
So, it was Nathaniel. Telling you how did it all begin! Now, after a 5 minutes. The Great fight is going to be started. Every couple has 2 minutes to fight. The only rule is you cannot hurt your wife/husband physically and you have to make the fight funny.
I am going into the crowd to enjoy! See you in the next bulletin. Until then Chao!

Village News- The Village Under Attack

battleThis morning is not like it is always in the village. The clouds of sand and dust all over are blocking the sunshine to touch the village. The noise of the enemy soldiers, sounds of horses gallops and elephants roars are tearing the eardrums. All the common villagers are hiding in their houses. Anything can happen today.
Village soldiers are ready. Ready to fight back in defense.
Mark takes out his sword from the scabbard.. He was not sure of victory, not afraid of defeat, but he was open to the battlefield.
Everyone says that he has a magical sword that just attack at the right time on the right target, but it is not true. He smiles when he listen such rumors. The magic is not in his sword. It is in his mind, his openness to the experiences of war and the gratitude through which he accepts the victory and defeat. His faith is his power, the magic of his sword.
The fight has began, lets see what it brings at the end of today.