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The Biggest Loss

What is the definition of loss?
When we do not have something that we used to have?
When we do not have our beloveds in our lives anymore?
Or what do you think?
Isn’t it loss when things stop hurting you? You lose everything and everyone one by one and then you lose that part of yours that felt hurtful. It is the biggest loss yet biggest advantage.
Don’t you think? Did you see a pattern? From nothing you become nothing again.

I Am Back But Who Cares

When someone leaves we value him the most but ever thought about the one leaving? Life can be cruel. Yes, it can. It can give you everything and before you start celebrating it can take the one thing you loved probably the most. And man, being greedy could not help mourning the loss even with all the joy at hand.

My blog has earned almost 200 followers when I was not around. I was trying to take in what life has gifted and what it threw at my face.

Atish is no longer in her farm. She has left the village and everyone and everything behind (hopefully, for good). She misses her sheep a lot. It is a huge city with tall buildings and bright lights. This city never sleeps but Atish does. She now lives in a beautiful apartment. She has all that she did not even thought about. In the village she used laptop and now she has iPhone, iPad and that old little sick laptop. She never knew that there is something which is called convection cooking. She can cook, bake, grill, microwave, steam and bar b q, all in a mere single appliance of 2 feet!  She eats food from all over the world! She has the latest LG TV. She is in one of the most lavish and expensive city in the world. Her lifestyle has transformed but she still misses her sheep.

Everything’s Fine

Many of us fit in these two categories.

Source of Inspiration

child crying

Boo-hoo, crybaby, wimp
no tears allowed
hide your pain
frustration and fear
we want only brave boys here

Generations of people
who must deny or hide
what they really feel
when, at a gut-level,
they know that there
is something terribly
wrong while everyone
is telling them
everything is fine!

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Eye Hurting Blog

Who has this blog? Eye Hurting Blog? Well, you are at its page this very moment. Sometimes, I feel like the traffic of my thoughts is jammed and I find myself unable to write anything. I sit in front of my laptop and stare the screen. Then I clicked on a random post and read it sparingly. Then grabbing the meaning I hit like or don’t. This blog sometimes is just a pain in my eyes. Sometimes I am not a blogger. Just some lazy person who does not want to do anything.

What is it all about? Does the world need it? What if I don’t write and waste my time in front of TV browsing?

I really do not speak my mind all the time. My most “unpopular” posts are the one which I write after thinking a lot and weighing  every word. On the other hand my popular posts are nothing just what my brain transfers to my fingers and they start jumping on the keyboard leaving the impressions on these pages.

What is it? I really do not know.

Why I hate OM (Harsh Reality blogger)

1. I have been following this blog ( for a very long time and I am a blogger for much longer time. I have seen a rapid growth in Harsh Reality’s “follow-ship” I have noticed the ongoing tremendous increase in the number of followers. It is the first reason of me hating OM. Why don’t I have such a number of followers?

2. The followers I talked about in the first point are not “mere followers” who clicked the “follow button” and sleeps for years or forgets that some freak write for them in his/her blog almost DAILY. Most of the Harsh Reality’s followers (I think nearly all of them ) are fans of OM. I am one those urgh! And I HATE it! I HATE to love to read HR’s posts.

3. The third and equally huge reason of my hatred is the number of haters OM has. Now, we don’t have any stats on the site stating the exact number of haters that site has, but OM frequently addresses the people who hate him. Being said that here, I mean, how come he has more haters then  the total number of my followers! And I HATE it!!!!

4. I generally hate “me-posts” and I am genuinely not interested in anyone’s day or family or how an anniversary went etc. BUT I found myself reading the posts about his routine life and children etc. I love to read these posts on HR and guess what I HATE to love those.

5.  Last but not the least, I am also a writer. English is my second language (so what? If I want to make my writing grammatically error free I re-check it) Why is he a better writer than me? Where he gets the easy flow in his writings from? I am kinda fan of this flawless free-flowing writing and I myself have written another whole post about the blog (

Note: Here I wanted to take it our of my heart and clean it. But I doubt this post declaring my hatred clearly. It more like a confession that I am a stronger fan.

When Scared becomes Sacred.

Dancing with the music that everyone hears but not everyone listens. This connection is a blessing. Want to run away detaching every single contact with everything else. Take me away with you O my true self! Someone is calling me out loud in silence. A hand is spread wide in the whole sky. That’s how I fell … did you see? Yes, I fell on my knees but my heart bleed. wow! And then I saw in the reflection of the mud the blue sky and the extended hand. People will know. Everyone who have to know will know. God is calling me. I have to go risky. I have to fall. I have to open myself up for everything I am truly scared of. Scared becomes sacred when shuffled. Wow! Is he communicating with me? Or I have gone mad. I wanted to be mad. WowW just wow!
When there was nothing he was here and there and everywhere. Why he cannot fill the gap in myself. He can.

Saying Hi To The Older You

Days goes by and you become newer and newer day by day while the older you kept sliding away with the passing time. One of the strangest feeling is to somehow meet the ‘older you’. It sometimes happen unwillingly, but the same can be done by detaching yourself from this very moment for a while.
Take a deep breathe and sit back. Think. Go back some years ago. Who were you? What were you? What have you become now? How the circumstances have changed you? How stronger are you?
Meeting the old you is not easy. Believe me. In some aspects, you cannot make eye contact with your own self. While some of your choices and situations have made you proud of yourself.
The older you bring back a sense of familiarity. The feeling that many of us crave because no one likes uncertainty and this moment when you are reading this is full of only one thing: uncertainty.

No Regrets

Source of Inspiration


It is impossible to
live a life without
regret. Yet we must
not judge ourselves
harshly for we must
make mistakes to
learn how to change
those situations
in the future. Put
aside your regrets,
let go of guilt,
keep your focus on
the Light knowing
that all we experience
can teach us how to
be a better person
how to:
be patient
have compassion
not judge others

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A Shelter In Time

Note: I am neither here to preach nor to recover some of the lost readership that unfollowed my blog the day when they realized that
I was a Muslim. I am not complaining here. Sadly, the impression that a few Muslims (or so-called “Muslims”) leaves on the minds of others is such that cause people to restrain from being in touch with Muslims. It is even sad that in this modern world there are people who are afraid of some particular classes or types. The following article is just a feeling of a Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan.
For everyone else Allah loves you too so…don’t freak out 😀

Ramadan: A Shelter in Time
With all the discomfort around, with all the distress, with all the fears; life seems like a whirlpool and you, like a helpless straw, keep circling and moving towards an unknown direction. Then comes a time that ends every turmoil and disturbance. The time I am talking about is the time when you feel connected to the Highest Almighty Authority. You feel like a helping hand is being extended from somewhere unknown and taking you out of everything. Calm sets in and they announces the Ramadan moon has been sighted in your country.
What a beautiful feeling it is! People start to pray, to do all the possible good deeds to get close and closer to God. They Fast. They pray. Even sleeping during the day, if you are not skipping any prayer becomes Ibadah. Each and every moment, you feel like you are wrapped in a protective shawl that lets nothing cause any harm.
Readers would be thinking that why I am emphasizing on this month? This month is very important month in Islam. 9th month according to the lunar calendar. Each and every Muslim feel herself/himself submerged in blessings. Ask some other Muslim and you may know for sure. (watch out! if you are afraid of the “preacher types” lol)
Everyone have those moments in life when you feel that connection, but imagine this connection for a Month!

Everything You Can Imagine Exists

Think about every strange place you can imagine. Picture in your mind every strange happening or anyone or anything that you think cannot be real. Now let me tell you one thing; all that you imagine was not only a piece of your wild imagination, but it also exist somewhere in the universe. Humans do not make thoughts they catch them from somewhere out there. We are mere receptors of thoughts and emitters of the same thoughts that we have received.
Whatever, you dream, exists. Yes, even if you dream of yourself flying. You are capable of flying and a part of you fly. Think of yourself as a being who have the power to transform. The part of yourself that you saw was flying, it flies. You catch a glimpse of yourself flying and transfer it to the form you are aware of at this moment. Sometimes you remember it and sometimes you forget it.
If you thought about some creature half man-half chicken, it, too, exists. It is existing somewhere in time and space right in this very moment too.
How illogical or absurd it feels! It is my theory. I believe in it.
Many who clicked it to read will think like there is a monkey somewhere maintaining a blog. I would like to say that you are mixing up two things. The thought you had about my blog and a blogger monkey. Good news is; a blogger monkey is also writing a blog post somewhere in time and space. I, I am human. Proof? First, prove that you are not a robot 😀