Pangs and Heart

Sigh! The pang that memories bring with them! How damaged some hearts could be! Who tries to read the painful messages hidden in eyes? People laugh with you, people laugh on you. You are blessed if there is someone who cries for you or with you. Never let someone cry because of you.


Google and Relationship Advices

Have you ever type such things in Google search box
‘How to impress a girl’
‘Why is he not talking to me’
‘How to tell if he loves me’
‘My husband ignores me what should I do’
‘How to make a man happy’
‘How to get rid of a girlfriend’
‘How to deal with an ex’
‘How to deal with an angry spouse’
‘How to stop fighting with your husband’
‘How to stop a nagging wife’
and the list goes on. If you have typed any above query or something like these you are not alone. Google is the second best parent and friend for many with relationship problems. After all, Google knows a lot about everything! Sometimes I wonder should I write relationship advice articles? Edison-ically speaking, I know 10,)00 ways that do not work!
Now, for the people who are reading it for the sake of advice instead of some blah-blah, the best piece of advice I can offer for men is;
Fake it and Tell lies!
Really, fake it that you love her even if you want her to disappear somehow and let you breathe. When you feel you need space, instead of misbehaving and crushing her heart, say, “I will be late from office.” Go out for a half an hour walk or unwind yourself by giving yourself some me-time away from home.
Now, for ladies, the best relationship advice is;
Let him Breathe. Give him space! (I am a lady and I am saying it.)
You are not his mom. So stop being one. Do not revolve around him. He loves you and you love him too, but that does not mean that you make him your whole world and kill him with extra-sweetness and make him dizzy by revolving around. That is why please, do not suffocate him. Men need ‘me-time’ more than you do.
I did not want to write such an article after big-time flop article on the same topic . But as I say, I am a lady, so I cannot keep shut up for a long time.

Why a clock is the most hateful invention?

All of the inventions awake certain emotions. An atom bomb signifies disaster so it can be associated with cruelty. Light bulbs are associated with light, thus happiness and clarity. Clock, on the other hand, has each and every emotion mixed up. The ticktick of clock can be a “time bomb” for many and for many it is like standing a a queue waiting for opening a brand shop with 75% off sale; packed with happiness, hopes, excitement! Clock also has a feeling of imprisonement. It reminds that we all are prisoners of time. Whatever the good or bad it comes with, we are bound to wait. Whatever the mood we are in we are bound to go on with time. Time is also a healer, but it can be a slow poison too. From the first cry as a baby to the pit-fall cry, from being a kid to a man or women, time kept us imprisoned and has the ability to mould our emotions, reactions and ultimately, whole lives.
Time work in two dimesions what we are now, we were not and we are the same who used to be kids some time ago.

Things Are More Valuable Than Human Beings

Everything in this world was made to serve mankind. It was not vice versa. I wonder why humans are losing their humanity and becoming more robotic who only know two things; Profit and loss. How sad it is to see how humans are humiliating other humans.
Personally, I never liked the artificial environment of so-called “professional world”, especially the workplaces that run around ‘money’; the biggest lie of the world.

The Training

You all know my Shepherd friend. It is his day again. He did not come today, but contacted me. He sent me a message and he is calling me. I have to wait, though, for the right time. Meanwhile, I have only one thing to do. Pray; pray for the time to come. And I am sure my Shepherd will visit me someday and surprise me again. How he loves to surprise others! I sometimes wants to ask him, why! Why you do not come when I need you the most? But when he visits I forget to ask such things, I forget to complain. And when he comes he never ask questions. He never ask why I did not call or where were I etc. He embrace me with the same love and care. We talk. We laugh. And things become so much clear. But the time when I am waiting; it is tough, friends, very tough. And to be honest, it is one of the biggest course in training. What training? Let me tell you this. He told me about this training, one day.
The story starts time immemorial. When we were with Him. We were so cool! Believe me on this! We had a great connection with God and everything was just perfect. One day God made a plan to introduce us with some change and see who becomes righteous again. ( He already knew who amongst us would fail and who would come back to him, but He is God so we cannot ask him any ‘Whys’). Well, when we come down the spiral (you know what I mean) we become impatient, selfish, arrogant and material-lover. This behavior brought with it pain and suffering, and we assuming ourselves ‘smartypants’ we start searching for peace and fun in shopping, expensive gadgets, cars, luxurious houses, and other people. There is no need to share how this ‘remarkable plan’ turned out. Clearly, God has his own plans and his own timings. So, if we think, we will see a pattern here. A pattern of harship and ease, problems and solutions. So you see, it is actually a training program; the training we need to re-gain our connection with God. . It has uncountable courses and it is always customized for each and every individual because we are different and have different lives. That is why, practically, we cannot compile it into a single prospectus/brochure.
Waiting is the part of this training. It teaches us patience. We cry at nights and during the days, we hide our confusions and disappoinrments behinde fake smiles. Some of us don’t bother pretending to be happy, though. But, accept it with a smile or a frown; we all have to wait in our lives at some point. The wait is integral part of the spiritual grooming. It teaches you patience and patience is important. God does not want us to be reckless. He wants us to be rational and calm. It is tough for us, though. One time you gather all your courage and the other time it shattered like glass hit with stones. For this purpose ‘trials’ were made. Trials wash our souls. They are neccesay in this world. This is how it works. If there were no trials, no turmoils, nothing hurtful then what would be the difference in Paradise and this world. During the tough training time when a soul in being washed with the detergent of trials and trumoils, its world spin so fast that nothing looks clear. This is the time when he turns the ‘washing machine’ off as the soul become clear and ultimately everything around. The ease come and we come out of the washing machine clean and shiny. *teeth sparkle*

The Only Way

The times when no one trustworthy is around you and you do not have a way out of a turmoil there is only one way left. You just kneel down and pray. You talk your heart out and wait for His answer. You wait for His help. His help arrives, but many of us stop asking after sometime because we are impatient. Remember His time is the most correct time. Keep praying. Do not stop. Prayer is the only way that is open, not sometimes, but all the times.

The Two Best Ways Theory

Stress, worries and fears are inseparable part of life. I have practiced many methods to get rid of all such energy sucking emotions. Without going into the details of how’s and whats I am going to share with all the Struggling Souls, TBWs (Two Best Ways) to forget every negative feeling and go on with your life happily. I would be glad if someone share it. Although, this is my theory, but I would be glad to see it under someone else’s name. Just share it!. The whole point of my success lies in spreading this so the people who do not have discovered my blog yet benefit from this theory.
Here it goes;
Two Best Ways Theory (TBW Theory)
An average day of a person can be divided into 2 parts according to the level of physical and mental activity in order to gain material or spiritaual or emotional benefits.
i. Higher Level Activity Part
ii. Lower Level Activity Part

i. Higher Level Activity Part
The HLAP (Higher Level Activity Part) comprises of the time when a person is at work or with his/her family. During HLAP a person can deal with stress by concentrating all his physical and mental effort on present.
This concentration can be achieved by doing the work you love, practicing a hobby. avoiding stressful jobs that you dont like and surrounding yourself with positive people.

ii. Lower Level Activity Part
The LLAP (Lower Level Activity Part) is the part of a day when a person is not very active physically or mentally for example when he/she comes back from work or when it is bedtime. During LLAP a person can deal with stress by giving God whatever is causing the burden. Ask God to hold it untill you are ready to take it back.

Why Do Humans Do This To Their Own Species?

I posted this on my stories blog (http://storiesbundle.wordpress.com/), but now I think it deserves to be here.
“What they do to their own species. I hate humans.” Browny said to the other pegions on the Square.
“Well I enjoy here. All I want is food so i dont care who is giving it to me.” Bubbly was still munching on food.
“Yeah! Seriously, dude! You have serious issues.” Rocky was trying to impress Twinkle with his ‘cool-dude-attitude’.
“Eh yeah, mayabe some phobia like humanphobia or something.” Freaky was sure about it. Afterall, he has lived with a human psychiatrist for many days.
Psycho cho cho…. someone coughed or called him psycho.
“I am feeling like flying in solitude now. See ya later.” Browny did want to hear these disturbing thoughts. “These pigeons are eating their food and have started to talk like them. They make fun of me. I am their own kind!”
“Hello! Where are you flying?” Lucky seems happier today.
“Hi, I was just… I am not feeling like talking to these crazy birds.”
“oh whao oh! What happened? Are you angry? Do you want me stop flying with you?”
“No. You are nice. I am just angry because they make fun of me.”
“I am not happy with the humans. So, sometimes I… leave it. You tell me. Why are humans so cruel to their own kind? I have seen people snatching other’s huge egg like moving nests they use to go fetch food…”
“Yes. And I have seen them killing others. Although, they dont eat the dead later. I have seen them snatching others food and even others babies! Hurting female-humans. I can tell you a lot. I have lived here since I came out of the egg. ”
“I know it too. You are not wrong. But, I think you dont know them closely enough to understand them well. I was once saved by a human when another one shot me with his gun.”
“Really? How can you fly now?”
“It is because of that other good natured human. He cured me. See, my friend, humans are complicated. They all are good and bad. My mother used to tell me it is all because of humans; this whole world. God wanted them to be happy, that is why He created us. They see us fly and love it. For them, God painted the sky blue and give everything its colors.
You are right, though. They are becoming worse day by day. But, believe me, there are still good humans out there. ”
“How do you know?”
“Reason 1: I observe them closely. Reason 2: My mother told me that when all humans become evil, world will be destroyed.”

Secret Of Successful Marriage

Getting directly to the point. Here you are going to find those untold precious advices that can transform your married life from a ‘I-made-a-mistake’ song to a sweet love note!!! Tada!
Well, that was exaggeration. To tell you the truth, if you act upon the following three advices you will lower the chances of divorce in your relationship. Divorce rate in many (I think all the) countries, is sadly, getting higher and higher. The reason is (maybe) the increasing materialistic approach to get happiness and contentment in life. If it is not the only reason. It surely is one of the reasons.
Well, here on this blog our (why do I write our? Traces of a former lecturer style are still in my mind, maybe.) aim is to make life easier and happier. So, following are the three gems;
1. Wife should be thin as compared to husband. Now, I am not saying that you should starve you to death, but you should be leaner than your husband. Healthy diet and exercise will do the trick. Conversely, always cook what your husband loves to eat. Bake pies, cakes, use full cream milk, cook oily foods, fry everything. in short, make him fat. 😀
2. Never ever watch a romantic movie together or alone. When I say never, I really mean it. We subconsciously compare our lives to the unreal lives of the actors. Romantic movies just make you feel ‘there is something wrong in our relationship’. (Instead watch a serial killer movie, you will feel great, just kidding.)
3. Do not spend too much time on social networking websites. This habit make you distant from your real surroundings. You wife or husband will feel alone in your presence. This is a real alarming sign.
I am a newly wed so I am not sure about these. So try this at your own risk.

Beauty is something else.

What a nice morning! Blue shiny sky and bright buildings (wait, were you thinking about green fields with cows’ droppings on the walking tracks? It was 500 years ago maybe). Well, it is very beautiful stat but soon it will transform into a hell afternoon later when the sun will stare down and burn our…’whole body’. The glare will make us like burnt toasts and the companies’ CEOs who claim to make our complexions fair will rejoice sitting in their air-conditioned rooms. I am not happy with such products advertisements. They make dark people feel like cockroaches crawling in a toilet seat or more worse, to be forced to walk on a ramp in front of the world cross-dressed.
This side of the globe loves to have Snowwhite’s skin (Men…I think they don’t want baby-soft skin, but white. I bet!) that side… I am not sure.. maybe they love our skin tone that is why the whole idea of ‘sun-bath’ developed. ( I would like to ask the Sun to take a bath first and then come here. Maybe, he will feel a but less hot).
Tanned, dark, fair, white; skin color does not define beauty. Beauty is something else. Beauty is the innocence in eyes; beauty is the courage to accept who we are. It is the peace of mind and heart. It is the faith and believe. It is feeling confident. It is being brave. It is feeling loved, secured, worthy and accepted (what a beautiful idea I read today, on Sue C’s Blog. http://suespen2paper.com/2014/03/30/l-a-w-s-its-free Thank you Sue. C).
When you are happy, you smile from the heart, your eyes sparkle. Now, this is the beauty. I would say, don’t try to make your skin white or dark or purple (just kidding). You are beautiful (hey! and you are handsome under the loads of fats. We will come to you in another post someday, until then try to be healthy.)
Be thankful. Be happy and this will reflect from your body as true beauty.