What if?

Happiness is all we want yet we are afraid to be happy.

We do not want to lose what we have. What if we lose everything? Fear is everywhere eating our souls.

Darkness is swallowing the light.

Why not surrender to darkness and see what happens.

Why not willingly be helpless?

At times, surrendering require more strength than courage to oppose.

Why not leave and do nothing.

What if we lose everything? You fear loss? I say, what if you gain more?

I say, What if this darkness is the way to light? What if it everything get better?

I say,  What if all you find after this sorrow is happiness. Never ending happiness. Till the end and after the end.


What if…

At the end.

Sometimes we must take risks just to check how much we can fall. Surely, our anticipation through this check can go very wrong and it may turn out to be the most foolish act. Or just like calling a catastrophe before its time. But we should check. Ignorance is surely bliss but it is ignorance and ignorance it is.
Why not jump off the cliff just to check the depths we can fall into? wow! It is crazy. But how about going crazy sometimes or at least once in a lifetime.
How about loving the bad just to feel secure about the permanence of it. Why not hate good just because it can be temporary and it sure happens to be temporary. To feel the emptiness that treachery brings with it or just to feel the absence of love. You fall, you make mistakes, everyone does. Every heart bleeds.
Everyone searches for a shelter; a permanent shelter. God’s? Yes, only this shelter is permanent. But why do we need other humans? Because we can never be less human. Only a few chosen ones can be carefree when it comes to this love that we all are aware of. We, others, we can only enter into the shelter when life meets death; at the end.

A Shelter In Time

Note: I am neither here to preach nor to recover some of the lost readership that unfollowed my blog the day when they realized that
I was a Muslim. I am not complaining here. Sadly, the impression that a few Muslims (or so-called “Muslims”) leaves on the minds of others is such that cause people to restrain from being in touch with Muslims. It is even sad that in this modern world there are people who are afraid of some particular classes or types. The following article is just a feeling of a Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan.
For everyone else Allah loves you too so…don’t freak out 😀

Ramadan: A Shelter in Time
With all the discomfort around, with all the distress, with all the fears; life seems like a whirlpool and you, like a helpless straw, keep circling and moving towards an unknown direction. Then comes a time that ends every turmoil and disturbance. The time I am talking about is the time when you feel connected to the Highest Almighty Authority. You feel like a helping hand is being extended from somewhere unknown and taking you out of everything. Calm sets in and they announces the Ramadan moon has been sighted in your country.
What a beautiful feeling it is! People start to pray, to do all the possible good deeds to get close and closer to God. They Fast. They pray. Even sleeping during the day, if you are not skipping any prayer becomes Ibadah. Each and every moment, you feel like you are wrapped in a protective shawl that lets nothing cause any harm.
Readers would be thinking that why I am emphasizing on this month? This month is very important month in Islam. 9th month according to the lunar calendar. Each and every Muslim feel herself/himself submerged in blessings. Ask some other Muslim and you may know for sure. (watch out! if you are afraid of the “preacher types” lol)
Everyone have those moments in life when you feel that connection, but imagine this connection for a Month!

One Of The Perfect Moments To Pray

The moment when you realize that you were living a lie for a long time.

Trance of Happiness

Nearly all the people in their lives spend some very best days. Whenever a bonus is given, a trophy is won, he or she says ‘yes’, that day becomes one of the best days in someone’s life. Despite of all the sorrows and disappointments, no one can claim that he has never experienced a truly happy day of his life. But the matter of our concern, today, is ‘why the happiness disappears and sadness or boredom takes its place?’
When we closely observe we can see a cycle of positive and negative emotions taking turns in lives. When we experience happiness we feel like we are the luckiest on earth and when some bad luck strikes we cry or lose any hope of getting back to normal. The question is; Why does this happen?
To understand this we should first understand two concepts.
1. Happiness gained by acomplishment of wordly desires.
2. Happiness gained by closeness to God and understanding the forces working behind all the happenings.
The happiness that we feel when we achieved something great, or when we spend a good time with our loved ones is always temporary. That is why I do not call it happiness. Instead, it is a trance of happiness. And when this trance breaks we become bored or in most terrible cases we become sad as the state we were in or we were afraid to go in comes back.
What is real happiness? Real happiness is experienced by those whose heart is not stuck into the quagmire of world and who understand that the true happiness and sense of accomplshment does not depent on money or other people. It does not even depend on the person you think your world revolves around. Now, this is something else; an entirly different concept of happiness from the one that we know. The essence of this true happiness is that it is never-lasting. It does not break like a trance. It becomes the shield that protects you from sudden disappoinments and going back into the state you hate to go in.
While many of us are stuck in this cyle and some are struggling to break it, there are people who have broken it and have achieved true sence of happiness and contenment. You think you have never seen such really happy people? You have met many. Do not think about the rich, successful, beautiful or famous that others kind of pray. Think about eyes. Have you seen someone with bright eyes (even behinde spectacles) that seemed to emit an invisible light that enlightened your soul even for a very brief moment. If yes, then you have seen a truly happy person. No matter if he was rich or poor, white or black a famous person or a introvert neighbour.
How to achieve this position in life when your soul does not get plagued with the negativity around you? It is a topic I am still researching on. Your input will be more than welcomed!

How Many People You Know Will Go To Hell?

Think about all the Non-Muslims, Non-Christians, Non-Jews or Non-(fill your religion name here) in your circle, neighborhood, college or office. Now, I have two questions for you.
1. Can you count the future ‘Hell Dwellers’ you know? Can you give us an estimated figure of the Hell population?
2. How do you classify and ‘allot’ Hell or Heaven?
After reading this post many people will think that I am about to launch a new religion. Many would think that this note is directly from the Hell or I am writing this standing in the Hell Waiting Queue as my last deed to misguide the righteous people. If you are religiously sensitive, please do not read further. I respect you and your opinion.
As far as my opinion is concerned, I am not into tagging people in terms of potential Hell or Heaven Dwellers. I do not like the whole idea of this descrimination in religions. For me it is simple, if you want to go to Heaven do good deeds, love God’s creations, love people, love animals, say kind words, spread goodness. And if you love adventure and want to experinence the sensation a chicken tikka experience on fire, go and make someone’s life hell, do drugs, hate people, spread terror, do whatever evil you could do.
I think this HDT (Hell Dweller Tagging) causes so much panic and stress in people. If your friend is from another religion you feel sorry for him because you know he will go to Hell. But what if he is the one who is on the right track and you are going to Hell?
Why not do good because you love yourself and everyone and everything around you? If you do something good because you do not want to go to Hell then you are already in Hell; think about all the stress your mind and body is bearing. I think God is merciful and love us. All He wants from us is to love his creatures. I don’t think He likes it if someone from any religion tries to take His place and claims to distribute the tickets to Hell or Heaven. God loves Christians. God loves Muslims. God loves Jews. God loves all humans equally. God even loves those who don’t believe in His existence. I don’t think God is someone who has just set up a game on Earth and has hidden the Hell or Heaven Prize under some particular religion(s) flag. This world is not a game.

How to Accept An Undesirable Change

Life has a bitter taste too. There are things that we don’t want to talk about. We don’t even want to think about such things because they seem to be quite contrary to the idea that we once had about our life. Think about a army soldier who has now lost his leg. What image he had in his mind about his life? And how is he spending his days now? But he laughs with friends and family. He cries in nights when he is alone. He does share his experience when he is asked about his leg, although, deep down in his heart these questions hurt him. But he has accepted his new life. He is trying to live and carry on. He has learned to shrink himself in a wheelchair.
This attitude can also be seen in animals. You catch a pegion and put it in a cage. After a few weeks when you open the cage and let it fly. It flies but comes back as if the cage was its reality.
I don’t know if it is some kind of coping mechanism or what, but in such cases it seems like we force our brain to forget what we wanted or what we were and train ourselves to be happy with what we cannot change. And this is what the bitterness of life is all about.; things that we cannot change.
Now, coming towards the first part of this mechanism; trying to forget our desires and accept the change. We try to convince ourself that here, there is a very unfathomable phenomenon is involved i.e. Act of God. It is not easy to feed this in our system which was once used to carry out whatever it wanted to do with 100 percent success rate. So, whenever your system comes up with this arguement and makes you feel nostalgic and ultimately wants to drag you into depression.Tell your system that it was you who used to work to achieve that goal, but it was God who provided you with success that is why you should accept this change from God. As I told you it is a tough process so in due course you will fall innumerable times into a ditch known as Emptiness. There you will feel like you have lost everything, even yourself and your identity but you will have to drag yourself out and stand on your feet again start all over again. But the good news is, this time you will not have to put that much effort again.
Now, the second part; how to be happy with such a undesirable change? It has a good news attached to it too. When you feel you cannot be happy with a tremendous change that you did not even want in the first place and which was totally opposite to yout wants, know, it is a big fat lie that your mind is telling you. Being happy is something else. It does not come from fulfilment of any desire. It comes with the acceptance. If you were a soldier and now because of your disablity you are teaching in a small school, you will find happiness in teaching when you will welcome the change with open arms. If you wanted to be an actor, but you couldn’t get a chance to display your talent and you had to run a small “meal on wheels’ types of business, you will be rewaarded with success and happiness. The key is to accept what God has given you.
When God gives us what we wanted we accept it happily and when He gives us what He wants to give, why do we question and reject?

The Ignored Blessings

Weather influence my quality of thought in all the ways it can. When the day before yesterday the sun wore the shawl of clouds and stopped gazing down continuously, things started getting back to normal. Today, I am completely sane. The clouds have covered the sky and temperature is not at the boiling point of mind.
With the cool breeze and the view of grey shade in the sky a thought came into my mind. Is the intensity of my thankfulness is equal to my whinning? What if the weather remains the same throughout the year? What if all the water sinks into the earth or gets evaporated? What if the air gets lost into the infinite space out there? What if each and everyone around you turns into your enemy? Even on wordpress what if people start commenting hatefully on your blog? I become your enemy and you become my enemy? Why do we ponder over pains, sorrows, and negativity?
Where does this tendency of forgetting the good things come from?

The Training

You all know my Shepherd friend. It is his day again. He did not come today, but contacted me. He sent me a message and he is calling me. I have to wait, though, for the right time. Meanwhile, I have only one thing to do. Pray; pray for the time to come. And I am sure my Shepherd will visit me someday and surprise me again. How he loves to surprise others! I sometimes wants to ask him, why! Why you do not come when I need you the most? But when he visits I forget to ask such things, I forget to complain. And when he comes he never ask questions. He never ask why I did not call or where were I etc. He embrace me with the same love and care. We talk. We laugh. And things become so much clear. But the time when I am waiting; it is tough, friends, very tough. And to be honest, it is one of the biggest course in training. What training? Let me tell you this. He told me about this training, one day.
The story starts time immemorial. When we were with Him. We were so cool! Believe me on this! We had a great connection with God and everything was just perfect. One day God made a plan to introduce us with some change and see who becomes righteous again. ( He already knew who amongst us would fail and who would come back to him, but He is God so we cannot ask him any ‘Whys’). Well, when we come down the spiral (you know what I mean) we become impatient, selfish, arrogant and material-lover. This behavior brought with it pain and suffering, and we assuming ourselves ‘smartypants’ we start searching for peace and fun in shopping, expensive gadgets, cars, luxurious houses, and other people. There is no need to share how this ‘remarkable plan’ turned out. Clearly, God has his own plans and his own timings. So, if we think, we will see a pattern here. A pattern of harship and ease, problems and solutions. So you see, it is actually a training program; the training we need to re-gain our connection with God. . It has uncountable courses and it is always customized for each and every individual because we are different and have different lives. That is why, practically, we cannot compile it into a single prospectus/brochure.
Waiting is the part of this training. It teaches us patience. We cry at nights and during the days, we hide our confusions and disappoinrments behinde fake smiles. Some of us don’t bother pretending to be happy, though. But, accept it with a smile or a frown; we all have to wait in our lives at some point. The wait is integral part of the spiritual grooming. It teaches you patience and patience is important. God does not want us to be reckless. He wants us to be rational and calm. It is tough for us, though. One time you gather all your courage and the other time it shattered like glass hit with stones. For this purpose ‘trials’ were made. Trials wash our souls. They are neccesay in this world. This is how it works. If there were no trials, no turmoils, nothing hurtful then what would be the difference in Paradise and this world. During the tough training time when a soul in being washed with the detergent of trials and trumoils, its world spin so fast that nothing looks clear. This is the time when he turns the ‘washing machine’ off as the soul become clear and ultimately everything around. The ease come and we come out of the washing machine clean and shiny. *teeth sparkle*

The Only Way

The times when no one trustworthy is around you and you do not have a way out of a turmoil there is only one way left. You just kneel down and pray. You talk your heart out and wait for His answer. You wait for His help. His help arrives, but many of us stop asking after sometime because we are impatient. Remember His time is the most correct time. Keep praying. Do not stop. Prayer is the only way that is open, not sometimes, but all the times.