Short story

A note

I found this note somewhere. It is a whole story in itself.
Sometimes we just come across situations that are not planned. They are unfamiliar to the extend that the laws of the nature appear to be fading and losing their meanings. Billions of people have zillions of different life stories and each one of them is so complicated that they amaze the mind and seize the tongue.
It is amazing how people survive in the circumstances that are tough. How the external factors mold life is amazing and sometimes painful. No one tell us where to go when there is nowhere to go. When all else fail what can work?
The time when your own voice collides your brain and comes back, is one of the most painful times in life. When everyone has left you and you cannot even talk to yourself because you are too afraid to address the issue.
The time is shrinking its boundaries and I am losing my control over things. Am I am going to experience the “rare” again?
I am afraid of being afraid because life always wants me to be fearless and for this purpose it always make me face my fears.


The Wish

Danny lived alone in a small apartment a little far from the center of the city. The only living creature in his personal life was his parrot. He came home daily at 7 in the evening, fed the parrot, swung the cage and watched the beautiful bird in its little world. He played with it and sometimes talked to it while enjoying the view from his small terrace. He sometimes forgot to lock the cage but the parrot never left. He loved it.
It was a Monday evening. Danny was sitting on the couch, sipping his coffee and gazing the blood red envelope that somehow found its way to his doorstep. He opened the envelop and found a piece of paper.
Make a wish and it will be granted. Do not ignore. It is the Great Envelop. You are the lucky one to find it.
“Spoiled kids! Why don’t parents teach some manners to their kids nowadays?” he thought and started sipping his coffee.
It must be a prank of the new brats that has come to stay with Jeffreys in his neighborhood.
He witnessed a robbery last night and he could not get his mind off the voices coming from that house. The unhealthy political involvement and job threat was also getting on his nerves. Today he was very upset.
“There is lie, hatred, treachery, greed. What is wrong with this world? It is hell on earth now.” he was talking to himself. He truly wanted the world to be a better place.
“Make a wish. Ha!” he mumbled sarcastically.
“I wish the bad people to become 2.5 feet dwarf so that good people could recognize and save themselves from evil doers.” He smiled at his own thought.
He grabbed a handful of treat food for his parrot, went to the terrace, but he was now unable to reach the cage.
No one is perfect in this world. We all are flawed this way or that.” His mother used to tell him.

P.S. I read a story like this years ago. I remember the theme, but actually forgot the whole story. It is not 100% my creation.

Vices? Why pick on others?

Today I met the old shepherd who comes here often. He has seen many shades of life. I ask a lot of questions and he likes sharing his views; a listener and a speaker; our small conference gets along very well. His white hairs and wrinkles are the only two evidences of his old age. His health seems quite miraculous for the age of 85. He sits under a tree next to my farm fence and writes in his journal, keeping an eye on his herd meanwhile. Sometimes, when we talk, he scribbles something quickly in the journal and start talking again.
Today I asked him about vices that people have. And here is how it went.
“Sam is a big time chocoholic, you know?” I was in the gossip mood and he turned it into a fruitful conversation.
“So, you want me to shed some light on chocolate benefits?” he said smiling.
“No, I was just seeing my blog’s reader today and there was a post about vices”
“Vice; when I think of this word no one else comes to my mind,” he said. His vision was set on something far in the sky. “I asks to myself. Am I vice-free? Am I able to touch the skies of wisdom yet? No. No one is vice free. And I am not an exception. What are some of the biggest evils could be? What do you think? Smoking? Having a sweet tooth? Maybe. But what about the invisible evils that go unnoticed?”
It was a rhetorical question, I knew. He talks in a strange tone sometimes.
He goes on, “Bad habits that kill body should be avoided. I agree. But there are some that are lethal to souls. Having no faith in God. Doesn’t it kill soul? And what do you think about depression and anxiety etc.? There are more than a few people that I know, actually suffers from disbelief and lack of faith. And this weakness of soul translates itself in the language of body as depression and anxiety. I, myself had this problem. Someone took me to a psychiatrist and his medicines made the situation even worse. Ever heard the term ‘side effects’?”, he sighs, takes a sip of water and goes on, ” It was not a very tough time in my life, but somehow I started to believe things that did not existed the first place. I couldn’t walk properly; I had breathing problems; I had illusions; I was convinced that I would lose my wife as I had lost my father; there was a long list of my odd and unrealistic set of believes. And I was miserable.
One day God blessings came to me and I prayed. Do you know when we pray it is actually a blessing of God? It is.
I prayed. I was getting tired of my illness. I asked help and help arrived. I met a bearded old shepherd. And we became friends. One day he told me about faith. I shared with him my fear about losing my wife and he laughed.
“Do you run the world business?” , he asked jokingly.
I was really offended, but he asked again and that time he was serious.
“Do you run the world business?”
“No, I am not God.” I somehow managed to smiled,
“You have the answer of all your problems now. You are not God. It is not your business to take or give life. You belonged to God. Everything belonged to Him. He is the one who grows grass and crops; He is the one who feeds people and animals. He makes it rain. He changes weather. Do you know all this?”
“Yes, I do”
“Then why don’t you believe in God?”
“I believe that there is God who runs the world.”
“Oh you are just saying!”
“I am your friend. Why are you telling lie?”, he was ready to leave.
“I am not lying!”, I protested.
“Then why are you worrying so much?” He smiled and left.
And that was the time when I questioned myself. I had the answer.
So, the biggest vice and the hardest to deal with lies in your own self. You are the only one who can fix it. Seek and you shall find.”

Village News- Flood Destruction

“Strange changes in environment caused rain all the night, here in the village. It is morning and the weather is awful. Rain, earthquake, followed by a flood. Continues raining has caused the lake water to raise 10 feet above the normal mark. It did not happen all of a sudden. Government has arranged life-saving team for the villagers. No death bodies are found, many are missing, dozens (and counting) are getting injured. The houses are drowning and only a few have managed to save some of their belongings and beloved ones.
A minute ago a child has been rescued by the team. He seems to lost his whole family and he needs urgent medical help.
A whole village is on the edge of getting vanished, here. Half of the world is sleeping and the other half just do not care.”
He often watches the same video tape again and again. The panic around the news reporter and the fear on her face always wakes up the child in him. He can still feel the jerks, and than splash of cold water that come out of nowhere and broke their roof. He couldn’t even cried,” MOM!” And a sudden quick sink left him in complete blackout. Then it seemed like he came back to life. He was trying to breathe, but he couldn’t. He was lying on someone’s back and was being lifted up. He saw a rope ladder in front of him. He did not know that was how the Death Angel took children away. “MOM” he tried to call out loud, but again the black out covered him.
He is the child who lost his family. Dozens of villagers were dead and hundreds injured. He was the one who was not lucky enough to even see the faces of his drowned family. They were missing. They are still missing. He never had the chance to see her mother after that last bed-time story. He always to call his mom out loud. He still does so.
and wakes up startled.

Village News: 13th Feb, Pigeons Day

A pigeon woke me up an hour ago. Sitting on the wall, it was continuously  cooing and watching me with its head tilt side-ways. Perhaps, for it I was looking funny or strange. What was wrong with me? Seriously, I do not know. 

I got up, made tea and went out to the farm. A cool breeze with golden sunshine welcomed me outside. I noticed an extraordinary number of birds flying by. And my cattle… they seemed happier today than always.

I do not know from where these birds have come here. I spotted some pairs of pigeons sitting here and there in the farm.

“Is it your Valentine’s Day type of day or something? !3th of Feb? huh?” I asked to one of my sheep. I must admit sheep are very good listeners, only listeners. They do not really reply.

Well, it seems like it is Pigeons Day here in the village. Humans don’t know it, but all animals know.

And here I am sitting on a hay bale, sipping tea, typing this post for some people on some other corner of the world who might read it.

Did I ever tell you about the two pigeons who always sit on the pipe over my kitchen? When I was making tea I realized, that today, on Pigeons Day, only one of them is sitting here. Not cooing, Looking week. ‘Where is the other one?’ I thought.

Maybe, I know the answer. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am here in my farm. Alone.

Village News- The Village Under Attack

battleThis morning is not like it is always in the village. The clouds of sand and dust all over are blocking the sunshine to touch the village. The noise of the enemy soldiers, sounds of horses gallops and elephants roars are tearing the eardrums. All the common villagers are hiding in their houses. Anything can happen today.
Village soldiers are ready. Ready to fight back in defense.
Mark takes out his sword from the scabbard.. He was not sure of victory, not afraid of defeat, but he was open to the battlefield.
Everyone says that he has a magical sword that just attack at the right time on the right target, but it is not true. He smiles when he listen such rumors. The magic is not in his sword. It is in his mind, his openness to the experiences of war and the gratitude through which he accepts the victory and defeat. His faith is his power, the magic of his sword.
The fight has began, lets see what it brings at the end of today.

Monster under the bed

I am Richie. I was 4 year old when I heard about monsters. I never question the existence of such creatures. My philosophy was simple. 

“Earth is a big place. We live here; They (Monsters) live here”. I delivered many speeches on the topic and by the age of 6 I had gathered a huge team of kids who converted and joined my school of thought.

I had a secret though. I was scared of a group of monsters, that according to seniors, lived under beds. I knew, every night the monster under my bed came out to scare the hell out of me. This fear was eating my courage. Then one day, I decided to take a brave step. I decided to wait for him and talk to him about all the mess he and his group members were creating on the Earth. I waited and waited. He did not come out that night and I couldn’t found the courage to look under the bed. I did not remember when I fell asleep. After that night it started to happen on and off. Whenever I decided to have a dialogue, he did not come. Tired of waiting one night I decided to visit him under the bed. I peaked and found him. A round fluffy body with balloon shaped orange head and red eyes, shivering. I busted out into laughter. He was very funny looking fella. 

” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “, he screamed, “Do not come closer!”

“What happened?” I asked. For a while I had forgotten that I was the one who was supposed to be frightened.

” I knew it, I knew it”, he utter with fear, ” I knew humans were real”.