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Wireless Connection To The Divine and The Broken Device

Before going all “Divine-ion” (pardon me for coining this word if there is a already a word for it) lets talk about our communications system first. Don’t worry I am not a science freak. These are only a few lines about it.

We started with snail mails and going through a very complex and huge structured systems now we communicate through very intelligent wireless communication systems. Well, it is for us, the common people. Who knows how advance the technology has become? The great minds alive must be using some other high technological systems and advancing even more. When the creatures’ invention is so powerful, imagine, how powerful can be the Creator’s communication system?

It is a no-brainer, actually.

The system should be far more strong than our systems. With more than zillion connections, the signals never get weakened anywhere. Perfect! With many uploads and downloads and sharing, it just keep working all the time without even a single connection getting out of order or something. The signals are everywhere and they are pretty strong indeed.

Why do I feel disconnected then?

There is only one answer that pops up when I think about the disconnection. There is something wrong with the device, the receptor. The system can never go wrong even for a single link. I need to check my device and ask the Provider to help me fix it. The system has already detect the broken link. Help will arrive soon.

Okay, so mine is not working properly. Have you checked yours? Have you asked for help?

Ask for help. The help line works all the time! Believe me.

WTF Happiness

Read at your own risk:

So, Where To Find happiness? What did you think? Wow! With all these dirty minds and potty mouths around! No wonder!

Well, leave it. I just abbreviated the tittle to KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

So, coming back to our topic. We are in search of happiness. We born crying because we never wanted to come out of the womb. We were pretty secure there in our mothers’ body and one day “they” drag us out. Why did we cry when we were born?

Answer? We loved the sense of security that we had. Since then we all are searching for a secure place to live till death. Then there is a fear of death; another uncertainty, another insecurity. Where can we find that security and ultimately the happiness?

Usually, I do not keep the ends open when I post. I try to write my point of view completely. But this is the subject I have been thinking of for a very long time with no satisfactory answer.

I would be very glad if anybody make it clear. We all are in a journey to find happiness. If you are near to it please share with us. Write a post and share the link here or just drop a comment, I would love to hear from you. Maybe, I could learn something.

Thank you.



I wish they could see when their demons take control over them.


Their eyes lose the light and a grave invisible darkness took place of it. Horrible. Horrible!


Dead eyes sucking up all the light around. Darkening and darkening. Horrible grave darkness!


Their skin suddenly become dead leather. I wish they could see their own reflections in the victim’s face.


I wish they could see how they victimize themselves. When their demons become tired of eating others’ they start swallowling their own soul. They become a black hole which gulpse down everything and then its own self. In the end nothing left.


Only a body, walking dead. Lonliness. A terror. A space that echoes back their own voices.


I wish they could see.


I wish they could anticipate the loss to come.


I wish…



I tried, I tried to encapsulate my soul. To put it all in a chest and burry somewhere far..far away where any eye could not reach it. But it rose again in my heart as it was buried there not anywhere else. It was I who was running away from my own self.

What the hell I was thinking when I gave myself away to the tornadoes? Why did I not take my own responsibility? Why I jumped off the cliff?

But now, when the wild wind has thrown me on the stony mountains, my head has struck to a rock and I am bleeding. I have become fierce. I am ready to kick the world’s ass! And as I am already out. I am free.

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What is it with Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, warmth, glow in eyes, radiant faces and devotion; this can spread smile of satisfaction on your lips and a calmness in your heart but it is NONSENSE! Really. Love is a fantasy created by some French theatre artists. People loved to watch their plays about this hypothetical concept and they started liking it. Slowly, it became norm.

But Hello!!! It does not exist. If you have ever given someone that unconditional love you must be well aware of the heartache it causes.

It disturbs hearts, distresses brains, and stomach. I am sure people were not aware of the heartburn, acid refluxes and nausea before this French concept of… NO!!!! not French fries!!! I am talking about love here and your mind was wandering in the kitchen? Go and make those freaking potato chips. Eat, pray but DONT love.

Silkworm Human

Have you seen someone going mad with all the frustrations in life? We, humans sometimes act like a silkworm. We weave a shell around ourselves and if help does not arrive we die inside those cocoons. Not all have the courage to fight and break themselves free. The best thing about those small shelters is; they seem so secure because they are closed. But when they wrap the humans and the there is no way for air and light, the prisoner dies.

Me Talking to Myself: The Perfect Company

“What a nice Sunday morning!”, Myself woke up with shiny eyes.

“But it is Friday :/ “, Me put on the spectacles.

“So what? Can you tell the day just by looking into the sky?”, Myself said in a lively tone.

“Uh! I dont like you! Go away! “, Me is always cranky. God knows why.

“You liberate yourself! Everyday is the same. You have imprisoned yourself by naming them”, Myself has some strange philosophies.

“Urgh! Lecture!” Me grinded teeth.

“Okay. Leave it. Let’s start tha day and get up. I wanna a cup of …tea..with lemon and honey”, Myself was already feeling the energy of a healthy start.

“Why? Are you sick?”, Me loves to be sarcastic.

Every morning this war is started. till now about more than 90% Me is winning. In this fight between Me and Myself, I am confused!

A Character Who Does Not Want To Be Written.

I don’t think I am ever going to make it. It comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes… what the hell is it? Is it some kind of talent or just musings of an ill mind. When the world kicks me I fell on paper and pen and scribble a damn piece of writing. I hate this part of me that comes in action when everything else seems to collapsed.
I want to be separated from me. Yes, I want to look at myself like someone else does. I want to understand myself. I want to be free. Free of every boundary. But these damn rules. I hate rules. I want a life with no order to follow from anyone. I want to feel my own right on myself. I want to look like I am. I do not want to use conditioners after shampoo. I want to live with my frizzy hair. I do not want a freckle free skin. I want this flawed skin. It is so me. I do not want to obey others. I want to go somewhere with no rules. I don’t want any strings attached. I want to go crazy and live like that. I want to be a writer, a musician, a teacher, an astronaut and then when I will find myself getting bored in the space I want to come back to earth and sit beside a lake. I want to read books. I want to tear the pages of the same books and make stencils. I want to color the things in my favorite shades. I want to take away all the colors. Make things black and white. I want to separate all the black from white, I want to eliminate the grey area. And then I want to splash colors on everything. I want to be wrong and be proud rather than be right and imprisoned. I am angry. I am angry with all the rules and civilizational development. I hate being civilized. I want to go nuts in the jungle and browse internet from a tree top. I am a character who desperately want to write its own story. I do not want to be written.

Pangs and Heart

Sigh! The pang that memories bring with them! How damaged some hearts could be! Who tries to read the painful messages hidden in eyes? People laugh with you, people laugh on you. You are blessed if there is someone who cries for you or with you. Never let someone cry because of you.

Fight or Flight: Adrenaline Rush

Is it some medical blog? No! I cannot recognize any kidneys if they mingle with lungs. So, why I am writing this post? I calm my adrenaline glands through blogging. Those two freaked-out glands-ies are working way too much nowadays. So, I thought, why not tell the world what these little weird looking squishies can do.
Adrenaline glands are located on the top of our kidneys (I know for sure they are kidneys, googled it). The hormone produced here is very powerful and intense. Suppose, if it is sugar then the 5 millionth particle of it is enough to sweeten a regular size of soda-can! It is produced under a stressful situation, even if the situation is not real. For example, during watching a movie.
Adrenaline takes us into the fight-or-flight mood. While many just run away, others …fight!. The reactions depends upon the assessment of the fearful situation by our brain. If we can fight it off, we fight and if we feel weak then we try to leave the situation.
We feel so much strength and energy when due to any reason adrenaline is produced. Our breathing and heart beat increase. We do not feel pain and can do work more than our normal capacity. While it sounds great. The bad news is; it is not always great.
Too much of the hormone is dangerous for us. It can cause abnormal heart palpitations, and memory-loss problems, breathing discomfort.
What I am really worried about is the memory thing. You can forget small things easily. You repeat a lot when you talk. I sometimes tell stories to my sister that I have told many times before. You gotta see my enthusiastic expressions for the n-th time 😀
Well, the coping mechanism is to calm yourself down. And let the hormonal reaction do its work. I have heard that if you do not do any physical activities the adrenaline rush can cause jitters. People shake! I do not want to sit and tremble because of no reason so I keep going and do many random activities. That is what I will suggest you. If you are experiencing something like that get yourself busy. If it is too much then contact your doctor. If you are having abnormal heart palpitations then the prescribed medicine can cause sore throat. If it happens do not just drink lemon tea, go to your doc.
Now, I am taking flight back to my WordPress reader.