What is happening in the village

Surroundings do have an impact on minds


I tried, I tried to encapsulate my soul. To put it all in a chest and burry somewhere far..far away where any eye could not reach it. But it rose again in my heart as it was buried there not anywhere else. It was I who was running away from my own self.

What the hell I was thinking when I gave myself away to the tornadoes? Why did I not take my own responsibility? Why I jumped off the cliff?

But now, when the wild wind has thrown me on the stony mountains, my head has struck to a rock and I am bleeding. I have become fierce. I am ready to kick the world’s ass! And as I am already out. I am free.

Inspired by: http://iithinks.wordpress.com/2014/08/14/songs/

Me Talking to Myself: The Perfect Company

“What a nice Sunday morning!”, Myself woke up with shiny eyes.

“But it is Friday :/ “, Me put on the spectacles.

“So what? Can you tell the day just by looking into the sky?”, Myself said in a lively tone.

“Uh! I dont like you! Go away! “, Me is always cranky. God knows why.

“You liberate yourself! Everyday is the same. You have imprisoned yourself by naming them”, Myself has some strange philosophies.

“Urgh! Lecture!” Me grinded teeth.

“Okay. Leave it. Let’s start tha day and get up. I wanna a cup of …tea..with lemon and honey”, Myself was already feeling the energy of a healthy start.

“Why? Are you sick?”, Me loves to be sarcastic.

Every morning this war is started. till now about more than 90% Me is winning. In this fight between Me and Myself, I am confused!

In The Darkness

In the darkness spread because of the clouds I am unable to see whether it is day or night. I am just catching the words flying everywhere around me. Catching and putting them in the prison of this blog. My thoughts are going wild and losing the sense of reality. Where the reality is? What the truth was? Where Am I going? The darkness is all around and my soul is restless, flying here and there. Searching for a clue. Searching for a whole in the clouds in the hope of some light. But what if it is night already? What if the twinkling tiny bodies were not the thousands of stars but some fireflies?
Believe me when I say this. It is difficult to know the fact behind the lie that you believed was truth.

At the end.

Sometimes we must take risks just to check how much we can fall. Surely, our anticipation through this check can go very wrong and it may turn out to be the most foolish act. Or just like calling a catastrophe before its time. But we should check. Ignorance is surely bliss but it is ignorance and ignorance it is.
Why not jump off the cliff just to check the depths we can fall into? wow! It is crazy. But how about going crazy sometimes or at least once in a lifetime.
How about loving the bad just to feel secure about the permanence of it. Why not hate good just because it can be temporary and it sure happens to be temporary. To feel the emptiness that treachery brings with it or just to feel the absence of love. You fall, you make mistakes, everyone does. Every heart bleeds.
Everyone searches for a shelter; a permanent shelter. God’s? Yes, only this shelter is permanent. But why do we need other humans? Because we can never be less human. Only a few chosen ones can be carefree when it comes to this love that we all are aware of. We, others, we can only enter into the shelter when life meets death; at the end.

A Character Who Does Not Want To Be Written.

I don’t think I am ever going to make it. It comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes… what the hell is it? Is it some kind of talent or just musings of an ill mind. When the world kicks me I fell on paper and pen and scribble a damn piece of writing. I hate this part of me that comes in action when everything else seems to collapsed.
I want to be separated from me. Yes, I want to look at myself like someone else does. I want to understand myself. I want to be free. Free of every boundary. But these damn rules. I hate rules. I want a life with no order to follow from anyone. I want to feel my own right on myself. I want to look like I am. I do not want to use conditioners after shampoo. I want to live with my frizzy hair. I do not want a freckle free skin. I want this flawed skin. It is so me. I do not want to obey others. I want to go somewhere with no rules. I don’t want any strings attached. I want to go crazy and live like that. I want to be a writer, a musician, a teacher, an astronaut and then when I will find myself getting bored in the space I want to come back to earth and sit beside a lake. I want to read books. I want to tear the pages of the same books and make stencils. I want to color the things in my favorite shades. I want to take away all the colors. Make things black and white. I want to separate all the black from white, I want to eliminate the grey area. And then I want to splash colors on everything. I want to be wrong and be proud rather than be right and imprisoned. I am angry. I am angry with all the rules and civilizational development. I hate being civilized. I want to go nuts in the jungle and browse internet from a tree top. I am a character who desperately want to write its own story. I do not want to be written.

A Shelter In Time

Note: I am neither here to preach nor to recover some of the lost readership that unfollowed my blog the day when they realized that
I was a Muslim. I am not complaining here. Sadly, the impression that a few Muslims (or so-called “Muslims”) leaves on the minds of others is such that cause people to restrain from being in touch with Muslims. It is even sad that in this modern world there are people who are afraid of some particular classes or types. The following article is just a feeling of a Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan.
For everyone else Allah loves you too so…don’t freak out 😀

Ramadan: A Shelter in Time
With all the discomfort around, with all the distress, with all the fears; life seems like a whirlpool and you, like a helpless straw, keep circling and moving towards an unknown direction. Then comes a time that ends every turmoil and disturbance. The time I am talking about is the time when you feel connected to the Highest Almighty Authority. You feel like a helping hand is being extended from somewhere unknown and taking you out of everything. Calm sets in and they announces the Ramadan moon has been sighted in your country.
What a beautiful feeling it is! People start to pray, to do all the possible good deeds to get close and closer to God. They Fast. They pray. Even sleeping during the day, if you are not skipping any prayer becomes Ibadah. Each and every moment, you feel like you are wrapped in a protective shawl that lets nothing cause any harm.
Readers would be thinking that why I am emphasizing on this month? This month is very important month in Islam. 9th month according to the lunar calendar. Each and every Muslim feel herself/himself submerged in blessings. Ask some other Muslim and you may know for sure. (watch out! if you are afraid of the “preacher types” lol)
Everyone have those moments in life when you feel that connection, but imagine this connection for a Month!

Under Such a Beautiful Sky

The far stretched sky covers the whole earth that my eyes could see. I have seen many shades of sky. They way clouds and many kinds of birds decorate the sight is remarkable. In the evening, everyday, I sit in my garden near my farm, look up to the sky and wonder just one thing.
How could people be mean under this sky? How can someone who live under such a beauty could have ugly true faces? How can someone kill? How can someone be unfair? How can someone be negative?

The Training

You all know my Shepherd friend. It is his day again. He did not come today, but contacted me. He sent me a message and he is calling me. I have to wait, though, for the right time. Meanwhile, I have only one thing to do. Pray; pray for the time to come. And I am sure my Shepherd will visit me someday and surprise me again. How he loves to surprise others! I sometimes wants to ask him, why! Why you do not come when I need you the most? But when he visits I forget to ask such things, I forget to complain. And when he comes he never ask questions. He never ask why I did not call or where were I etc. He embrace me with the same love and care. We talk. We laugh. And things become so much clear. But the time when I am waiting; it is tough, friends, very tough. And to be honest, it is one of the biggest course in training. What training? Let me tell you this. He told me about this training, one day.
The story starts time immemorial. When we were with Him. We were so cool! Believe me on this! We had a great connection with God and everything was just perfect. One day God made a plan to introduce us with some change and see who becomes righteous again. ( He already knew who amongst us would fail and who would come back to him, but He is God so we cannot ask him any ‘Whys’). Well, when we come down the spiral (you know what I mean) we become impatient, selfish, arrogant and material-lover. This behavior brought with it pain and suffering, and we assuming ourselves ‘smartypants’ we start searching for peace and fun in shopping, expensive gadgets, cars, luxurious houses, and other people. There is no need to share how this ‘remarkable plan’ turned out. Clearly, God has his own plans and his own timings. So, if we think, we will see a pattern here. A pattern of harship and ease, problems and solutions. So you see, it is actually a training program; the training we need to re-gain our connection with God. . It has uncountable courses and it is always customized for each and every individual because we are different and have different lives. That is why, practically, we cannot compile it into a single prospectus/brochure.
Waiting is the part of this training. It teaches us patience. We cry at nights and during the days, we hide our confusions and disappoinrments behinde fake smiles. Some of us don’t bother pretending to be happy, though. But, accept it with a smile or a frown; we all have to wait in our lives at some point. The wait is integral part of the spiritual grooming. It teaches you patience and patience is important. God does not want us to be reckless. He wants us to be rational and calm. It is tough for us, though. One time you gather all your courage and the other time it shattered like glass hit with stones. For this purpose ‘trials’ were made. Trials wash our souls. They are neccesay in this world. This is how it works. If there were no trials, no turmoils, nothing hurtful then what would be the difference in Paradise and this world. During the tough training time when a soul in being washed with the detergent of trials and trumoils, its world spin so fast that nothing looks clear. This is the time when he turns the ‘washing machine’ off as the soul become clear and ultimately everything around. The ease come and we come out of the washing machine clean and shiny. *teeth sparkle*

The Only Way

The times when no one trustworthy is around you and you do not have a way out of a turmoil there is only one way left. You just kneel down and pray. You talk your heart out and wait for His answer. You wait for His help. His help arrives, but many of us stop asking after sometime because we are impatient. Remember His time is the most correct time. Keep praying. Do not stop. Prayer is the only way that is open, not sometimes, but all the times.

Eat, Pray, Love

I am eating leftover rice in lunch with tomato and lettuce as salad. The sun is so angry today that my skin is burning even in shade. So, I am eating leftovers because I cannot step in kitchen to face the stove and I am really hungry. Sometimes I feel that summer is bad for you if you are stressed or prone to stress. Especially, the summer in tropical areas. It is a killer, man!
I was wondering what a person with anxiety or depression should eat. What we crave is different, offcourse. Sometimes I magine to be Richie Rich and own a whole Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka copy the most delicious chocolates. I also own the Lays’s Factory and Pizza Hut. Yum yum! Well, coming back to the reality. What we ‘should’ eat to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. I carried out a small research on the internet and here is the list of happy foods that you should eat:
Banana: There must be a solid reason behind Minions liking bananas.
Spinach: Think, why Popeye had to eat his spinach and how he always won Olive.
Tomatoes: umm I don’t know any prominent cartoon figure eating tomatoes, but I am sure the most happy people eat tomatoes. They are especially women’s friends.
Milk: umm… ok just do as I say and have a glass of milk daily.
Almond: My grandmother was an intelligent lady and believe me, she spend 40 years living with troublemaker sister-in-laws bur never complaint of a headache. Her secret was ‘eating almonds in the morning’. Also, almonds are good for eye-sight.
Oranges: Okay, try eating oranges next time when you feel down and notice the difference by yourself.
Oatmeal: Well, I have heard that there was a time when army soldiers ate oatmeal. Nowadays, life is like a warfare and for a anxiety-person every moment is like in a battle so have your oatmeal and be strong enough to fight.