What if?

Happiness is all we want yet we are afraid to be happy.

We do not want to lose what we have. What if we lose everything? Fear is everywhere eating our souls.

Darkness is swallowing the light.

Why not surrender to darkness and see what happens.

Why not willingly be helpless?

At times, surrendering require more strength than courage to oppose.

Why not leave and do nothing.

What if we lose everything? You fear loss? I say, what if you gain more?

I say, What if this darkness is the way to light? What if it everything get better?

I say,  What if all you find after this sorrow is happiness. Never ending happiness. Till the end and after the end.


What if…


How to Accept An Undesirable Change

Life has a bitter taste too. There are things that we don’t want to talk about. We don’t even want to think about such things because they seem to be quite contrary to the idea that we once had about our life. Think about a army soldier who has now lost his leg. What image he had in his mind about his life? And how is he spending his days now? But he laughs with friends and family. He cries in nights when he is alone. He does share his experience when he is asked about his leg, although, deep down in his heart these questions hurt him. But he has accepted his new life. He is trying to live and carry on. He has learned to shrink himself in a wheelchair.
This attitude can also be seen in animals. You catch a pegion and put it in a cage. After a few weeks when you open the cage and let it fly. It flies but comes back as if the cage was its reality.
I don’t know if it is some kind of coping mechanism or what, but in such cases it seems like we force our brain to forget what we wanted or what we were and train ourselves to be happy with what we cannot change. And this is what the bitterness of life is all about.; things that we cannot change.
Now, coming towards the first part of this mechanism; trying to forget our desires and accept the change. We try to convince ourself that here, there is a very unfathomable phenomenon is involved i.e. Act of God. It is not easy to feed this in our system which was once used to carry out whatever it wanted to do with 100 percent success rate. So, whenever your system comes up with this arguement and makes you feel nostalgic and ultimately wants to drag you into depression.Tell your system that it was you who used to work to achieve that goal, but it was God who provided you with success that is why you should accept this change from God. As I told you it is a tough process so in due course you will fall innumerable times into a ditch known as Emptiness. There you will feel like you have lost everything, even yourself and your identity but you will have to drag yourself out and stand on your feet again start all over again. But the good news is, this time you will not have to put that much effort again.
Now, the second part; how to be happy with such a undesirable change? It has a good news attached to it too. When you feel you cannot be happy with a tremendous change that you did not even want in the first place and which was totally opposite to yout wants, know, it is a big fat lie that your mind is telling you. Being happy is something else. It does not come from fulfilment of any desire. It comes with the acceptance. If you were a soldier and now because of your disablity you are teaching in a small school, you will find happiness in teaching when you will welcome the change with open arms. If you wanted to be an actor, but you couldn’t get a chance to display your talent and you had to run a small “meal on wheels’ types of business, you will be rewaarded with success and happiness. The key is to accept what God has given you.
When God gives us what we wanted we accept it happily and when He gives us what He wants to give, why do we question and reject?

The Training

You all know my Shepherd friend. It is his day again. He did not come today, but contacted me. He sent me a message and he is calling me. I have to wait, though, for the right time. Meanwhile, I have only one thing to do. Pray; pray for the time to come. And I am sure my Shepherd will visit me someday and surprise me again. How he loves to surprise others! I sometimes wants to ask him, why! Why you do not come when I need you the most? But when he visits I forget to ask such things, I forget to complain. And when he comes he never ask questions. He never ask why I did not call or where were I etc. He embrace me with the same love and care. We talk. We laugh. And things become so much clear. But the time when I am waiting; it is tough, friends, very tough. And to be honest, it is one of the biggest course in training. What training? Let me tell you this. He told me about this training, one day.
The story starts time immemorial. When we were with Him. We were so cool! Believe me on this! We had a great connection with God and everything was just perfect. One day God made a plan to introduce us with some change and see who becomes righteous again. ( He already knew who amongst us would fail and who would come back to him, but He is God so we cannot ask him any ‘Whys’). Well, when we come down the spiral (you know what I mean) we become impatient, selfish, arrogant and material-lover. This behavior brought with it pain and suffering, and we assuming ourselves ‘smartypants’ we start searching for peace and fun in shopping, expensive gadgets, cars, luxurious houses, and other people. There is no need to share how this ‘remarkable plan’ turned out. Clearly, God has his own plans and his own timings. So, if we think, we will see a pattern here. A pattern of harship and ease, problems and solutions. So you see, it is actually a training program; the training we need to re-gain our connection with God. . It has uncountable courses and it is always customized for each and every individual because we are different and have different lives. That is why, practically, we cannot compile it into a single prospectus/brochure.
Waiting is the part of this training. It teaches us patience. We cry at nights and during the days, we hide our confusions and disappoinrments behinde fake smiles. Some of us don’t bother pretending to be happy, though. But, accept it with a smile or a frown; we all have to wait in our lives at some point. The wait is integral part of the spiritual grooming. It teaches you patience and patience is important. God does not want us to be reckless. He wants us to be rational and calm. It is tough for us, though. One time you gather all your courage and the other time it shattered like glass hit with stones. For this purpose ‘trials’ were made. Trials wash our souls. They are neccesay in this world. This is how it works. If there were no trials, no turmoils, nothing hurtful then what would be the difference in Paradise and this world. During the tough training time when a soul in being washed with the detergent of trials and trumoils, its world spin so fast that nothing looks clear. This is the time when he turns the ‘washing machine’ off as the soul become clear and ultimately everything around. The ease come and we come out of the washing machine clean and shiny. *teeth sparkle*

Beauty is something else.

What a nice morning! Blue shiny sky and bright buildings (wait, were you thinking about green fields with cows’ droppings on the walking tracks? It was 500 years ago maybe). Well, it is very beautiful stat but soon it will transform into a hell afternoon later when the sun will stare down and burn our…’whole body’. The glare will make us like burnt toasts and the companies’ CEOs who claim to make our complexions fair will rejoice sitting in their air-conditioned rooms. I am not happy with such products advertisements. They make dark people feel like cockroaches crawling in a toilet seat or more worse, to be forced to walk on a ramp in front of the world cross-dressed.
This side of the globe loves to have Snowwhite’s skin (Men…I think they don’t want baby-soft skin, but white. I bet!) that side… I am not sure.. maybe they love our skin tone that is why the whole idea of ‘sun-bath’ developed. ( I would like to ask the Sun to take a bath first and then come here. Maybe, he will feel a but less hot).
Tanned, dark, fair, white; skin color does not define beauty. Beauty is something else. Beauty is the innocence in eyes; beauty is the courage to accept who we are. It is the peace of mind and heart. It is the faith and believe. It is feeling confident. It is being brave. It is feeling loved, secured, worthy and accepted (what a beautiful idea I read today, on Sue C’s Blog. Thank you Sue. C).
When you are happy, you smile from the heart, your eyes sparkle. Now, this is the beauty. I would say, don’t try to make your skin white or dark or purple (just kidding). You are beautiful (hey! and you are handsome under the loads of fats. We will come to you in another post someday, until then try to be healthy.)
Be thankful. Be happy and this will reflect from your body as true beauty.

Nose: An extraordinary figure

The main function of the nose is breathing. At least that was what I had in my mind before typing ‘nose’ into google search box. I almost had an heart attack at the first glance on the Wikipedia page. They have picture of a dog nose there. Well, I have some pretty human nose in mind to win the wiki position, but, for ‘human nose’ they have another section. Clicking ‘human nose’ link did not give me a heart attack but they again failed to meet my expectation of pretty nose picture. They say that it is the protruding part of the face that bears the nostrils. Now the picture looks quiet competitive to go along with the sentence (NOI nose owner! My nose happens to be elder sister of your nose).

I was very much concern about the nose of my kids. My nose happens to be something that has been causing inferiority (or I should say protrud-iority) complex since childhood. I could foresee the noses of my to-be-born kids. The only ray of hope was my wife-to-be. Call it destiny or whatever, when I fall in love, my nose heart bumped into someone with quiet the same nose as mine. She says, “We already had a nose for being a couple”. So, you may anticipate, I have inherited my nose to my kids.

I think when aliens will come on our planet they will find our noses quiet funny. But maybe they cannot see beyond the ends of their noses that’s why they are not going to arrive, at least in near future. We will discuss this maybe some other time. For today our focus is nose.

People do a lot of stuff with their noses, without even once thinking about it. Some people pick their noses in public. Some love to poke noses in others life. I don’t know why they cannot keep their noses out of others businesses. My neighbor is really nosy, but it never gets up my nose. Honestly, it is no skin off my nose.

I love my wife with all my heart and nose soul. But sometimes when I put my nose to the grindstone her nose goes out of joint. When it happens I always have to sit in the backyard to write peacefully.

It is too cold here. I should follow my nose and go back to the TV lounge. I do not want my 15 year old son to win by a nose, grasp the TV remote control and start watching TV right under my nose.

Nosing into the house!

Wait! are you thinking about your nose now?

Sing Along! I don’t care: A fat man’s poem

I don’t care if I am fat,
I don’t care if it is bad,
If I resembles a rat,
My wife is a bat,
I don’t care if I am fat.

I am a morning person,
I love to sprat,
I go alone to fish,
I am father of a brat!
And my wife has a cat!
I don’t care if I am fat.

I have seen a gnat,
It was wearing a hat,
I once visited Sarratt,
and made a friend Biernat,
I don’t care if I am fat,

I don’t care if I am fat!

Acceptance; Key to Happiness

“I cannot believe I turned 30.”
“40! You are now old, man!”
“Wrinkles! I will look creepy in the years to come!”
“My dad had a heartache. He had a huge business loss.”
“She wants divorce.”
“You do not love me anymore.”
“I am here in old age home and my daughter in law has snatched my son from me.”
“Sigh! Those golden old days! I remember when I was…..”

We have heard all the above and a lot more complains. We don’t like changes, but everything is prone to change. We need sunshine to ripe our crops, but if the sun shines all the time the crop will get withered. Days transform into nights. Seasons change. Time passes. We cannot be young for as long as we live as we cannot be a toddler for all our lives. Once we lived in caves now we build houses. Once we were dependent on our parents for survival, but now we do not ask them to feed us. Imagine a 12 year old still crawling because he does not want to change. Imagine your old KG friend still stealing your lunch. Imagine your are still after your first crush.
Everything changes, everyone changes. In most cases, we accept those changes. And when we accept we transform ourselves and get comfortable with the new state. The problem begins when we refuse to accept. The lack or absence of acceptance causes discomfort and distress.

How can we accept the changes?
We can train our mind to accept changes. It is simple. But it takes time. Follow these steps and see results.
1. Act as if you have accepted. Try to control your mind, do not let your mind control you.
2. Stop whining.
3. Do what you enjoy the most.
4. Keep yourself busy.
5 Talk to yourself. Obviously, you do not want to do this in front of everyone. Sit in front of a mirror and tell yourself that everything is fine. You are still beautiful. You are emotionally independent. You are capable to accept the changes. You are capable to move on. You are strong. Say whatever lifts your spirit, but do not ‘console’.
6.Be patient and pray.

Try the above exercise and you will be surprised to see a whole new ‘You’.
Embrace the changes!