Village News- Flood Destruction

“Strange changes in environment caused rain all the night, here in the village. It is morning and the weather is awful. Rain, earthquake, followed by a flood. Continues raining has caused the lake water to raise 10 feet above the normal mark. It did not happen all of a sudden. Government has arranged life-saving team for the villagers. No death bodies are found, many are missing, dozens (and counting) are getting injured. The houses are drowning and only a few have managed to save some of their belongings and beloved ones.
A minute ago a child has been rescued by the team. He seems to lost his whole family and he needs urgent medical help.
A whole village is on the edge of getting vanished, here. Half of the world is sleeping and the other half just do not care.”
He often watches the same video tape again and again. The panic around the news reporter and the fear on her face always wakes up the child in him. He can still feel the jerks, and than splash of cold water that come out of nowhere and broke their roof. He couldn’t even cried,” MOM!” And a sudden quick sink left him in complete blackout. Then it seemed like he came back to life. He was trying to breathe, but he couldn’t. He was lying on someone’s back and was being lifted up. He saw a rope ladder in front of him. He did not know that was how the Death Angel took children away. “MOM” he tried to call out loud, but again the black out covered him.
He is the child who lost his family. Dozens of villagers were dead and hundreds injured. He was the one who was not lucky enough to even see the faces of his drowned family. They were missing. They are still missing. He never had the chance to see her mother after that last bed-time story. He always to call his mom out loud. He still does so.
and wakes up startled.