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Secret Of Successful Marriage

Getting directly to the point. Here you are going to find those untold precious advices that can transform your married life from a ‘I-made-a-mistake’ song to a sweet love note!!! Tada!
Well, that was exaggeration. To tell you the truth, if you act upon the following three advices you will lower the chances of divorce in your relationship. Divorce rate in many (I think all the) countries, is sadly, getting higher and higher. The reason is (maybe) the increasing materialistic approach to get happiness and contentment in life. If it is not the only reason. It surely is one of the reasons.
Well, here on this blog our (why do I write our? Traces of a former lecturer style are still in my mind, maybe.) aim is to make life easier and happier. So, following are the three gems;
1. Wife should be thin as compared to husband. Now, I am not saying that you should starve you to death, but you should be leaner than your husband. Healthy diet and exercise will do the trick. Conversely, always cook what your husband loves to eat. Bake pies, cakes, use full cream milk, cook oily foods, fry everything. in short, make him fat. 😀
2. Never ever watch a romantic movie together or alone. When I say never, I really mean it. We subconsciously compare our lives to the unreal lives of the actors. Romantic movies just make you feel ‘there is something wrong in our relationship’. (Instead watch a serial killer movie, you will feel great, just kidding.)
3. Do not spend too much time on social networking websites. This habit make you distant from your real surroundings. You wife or husband will feel alone in your presence. This is a real alarming sign.
I am a newly wed so I am not sure about these. So try this at your own risk.