jealous people

The Enemy Mind-set

I woke up this morning and there was a disturbing thought already waiting for me to wake up. Out of coffee, tea I ate scrambled eggs and bread and opened WP. The thought was still here, scratching my brain and trying to make it bleed. I am now thinking about the people who cause such negativity; who left behind them the traces of their harshness; who whenever meet you make you feel run away. What is wrong with such people? I tried to think like they did and made a ‘evil plan’ once. Believe me, I couldn’t bring the plan into reality as only the thought of hurting someone so badly made me feel the exact pain that I felt for myself.
So, what do these people think all day long? I am trying to anticipate here, the answer to this question.
I woke and think about coffee, first. They think about…coffee. Yes, I think the people whose first thought is something else other than coffee or tea doesn’t know if such a beverage exists.
When I start reading and writing they go to their offices or do the home chores. Then we 9I and the enemies too) start worrying about lunch. I eat lunch and sometimes I skip it and they probably eat their lunches. After lunch=time I go back to my reading writing and they go back to their works.
At tea time I have a chat with my younger siblings. Then start making dinner for my foodie siblings. I experiment with new recipes. At night, after praying I struggle to sleep, read and pray for the pain to go away.
Voila!!!!! Discovery!!
Maybe when I think about them and mourn over my heart wounds, they plan to give me more wounds! Phew! After praying and reading I go to my ‘irregular- sleep’ and they go on planning all night long. Poor fellas They cannot even sleep properly, like me.
One think more, when in the morning I try my best to copy Starbucks coffee style. They go on plotting evil for me. It is a tough business to make someone’s life hell, I bet! You cannot even drink your coffee in peace.
May God protect me and others from evil and help evil people to leave the Satan’s path. Amen