Under Such a Beautiful Sky

The far stretched sky covers the whole earth that my eyes could see. I have seen many shades of sky. They way clouds and many kinds of birds decorate the sight is remarkable. In the evening, everyday, I sit in my garden near my farm, look up to the sky and wonder just one thing.
How could people be mean under this sky? How can someone who live under such a beauty could have ugly true faces? How can someone kill? How can someone be unfair? How can someone be negative?

Post-Dramatic Disorder: Watch out, your TV habits!

How many times, in an average life cycle a person evidence murders, rapes, or other crimes? True answer: A lot of times! Yes, on television. The brain releases the same chemicals as if in real life situations, but body do not responds as a part of brain knows that this is not real. Thus, TV creates a contradicting situation for your mind and body. This contradiction leads to higher levels of stress. Did you know your stress level increases by 6% every time you watch 9-11 event clip on TV. Think, what your brain and body go through when you watch other crimes, betrayals, news reports, abuse on screen? All this create a false sense of insecurity.
A study shows that unhappy people watch 30% more TV than happy people. Now, you can anticipate how their problems become even bigger with every harsh scene that they watch on TV.
Another culprit is the light that emits from the TV screens (computer, laptop monitors as well). It causes sleeplessness.
So what should be done?
It is simple. Start by reducing a few minutes of TV time every day. Skip TV once, twice or thrice in a week.
Do not watch TV just before going to bed or while in bed.
Another important point to be notice here; You do not have to eliminate TV from your life. You just have to watch light hearted programmes, for example, comedy shows. They will help in bursting stress by making you laugh and detaching your mind from your real life problems for a while.
Cut down drama from your life. Stay happy!