A Shelter In Time

Note: I am neither here to preach nor to recover some of the lost readership that unfollowed my blog the day when they realized that
I was a Muslim. I am not complaining here. Sadly, the impression that a few Muslims (or so-called “Muslims”) leaves on the minds of others is such that cause people to restrain from being in touch with Muslims. It is even sad that in this modern world there are people who are afraid of some particular classes or types. The following article is just a feeling of a Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan.
For everyone else Allah loves you too so…don’t freak out 😀

Ramadan: A Shelter in Time
With all the discomfort around, with all the distress, with all the fears; life seems like a whirlpool and you, like a helpless straw, keep circling and moving towards an unknown direction. Then comes a time that ends every turmoil and disturbance. The time I am talking about is the time when you feel connected to the Highest Almighty Authority. You feel like a helping hand is being extended from somewhere unknown and taking you out of everything. Calm sets in and they announces the Ramadan moon has been sighted in your country.
What a beautiful feeling it is! People start to pray, to do all the possible good deeds to get close and closer to God. They Fast. They pray. Even sleeping during the day, if you are not skipping any prayer becomes Ibadah. Each and every moment, you feel like you are wrapped in a protective shawl that lets nothing cause any harm.
Readers would be thinking that why I am emphasizing on this month? This month is very important month in Islam. 9th month according to the lunar calendar. Each and every Muslim feel herself/himself submerged in blessings. Ask some other Muslim and you may know for sure. (watch out! if you are afraid of the “preacher types” lol)
Everyone have those moments in life when you feel that connection, but imagine this connection for a Month!

How Many People You Know Will Go To Hell?

Think about all the Non-Muslims, Non-Christians, Non-Jews or Non-(fill your religion name here) in your circle, neighborhood, college or office. Now, I have two questions for you.
1. Can you count the future ‘Hell Dwellers’ you know? Can you give us an estimated figure of the Hell population?
2. How do you classify and ‘allot’ Hell or Heaven?
After reading this post many people will think that I am about to launch a new religion. Many would think that this note is directly from the Hell or I am writing this standing in the Hell Waiting Queue as my last deed to misguide the righteous people. If you are religiously sensitive, please do not read further. I respect you and your opinion.
As far as my opinion is concerned, I am not into tagging people in terms of potential Hell or Heaven Dwellers. I do not like the whole idea of this descrimination in religions. For me it is simple, if you want to go to Heaven do good deeds, love God’s creations, love people, love animals, say kind words, spread goodness. And if you love adventure and want to experinence the sensation a chicken tikka experience on fire, go and make someone’s life hell, do drugs, hate people, spread terror, do whatever evil you could do.
I think this HDT (Hell Dweller Tagging) causes so much panic and stress in people. If your friend is from another religion you feel sorry for him because you know he will go to Hell. But what if he is the one who is on the right track and you are going to Hell?
Why not do good because you love yourself and everyone and everything around you? If you do something good because you do not want to go to Hell then you are already in Hell; think about all the stress your mind and body is bearing. I think God is merciful and love us. All He wants from us is to love his creatures. I don’t think He likes it if someone from any religion tries to take His place and claims to distribute the tickets to Hell or Heaven. God loves Christians. God loves Muslims. God loves Jews. God loves all humans equally. God even loves those who don’t believe in His existence. I don’t think God is someone who has just set up a game on Earth and has hidden the Hell or Heaven Prize under some particular religion(s) flag. This world is not a game.