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The Most Popular Myth: Romantic Love

* Did you know bubble gum does not remain in your body when swallowed. Your body digest it.
* All the humans do not have to drink 8 glasses of water. We all have different requirements.
* You cannot see the Great Wall of China from the moon.
* Your ancestors were not monkeys!
* Cracking your knuckles DOES NOT give you arthritis.
* Duck’s quack does echo.
* Your gold fish is not that silly. It has a pretty good memory.
* Aladdin’s magic carpet did not exist. There were no seven dwarfs. There was no fairy, no shoe got missing, no pumpkin was ever so lucky to become a carriage and rats were never horses!



“Um… Rapunz..”
“NO! No one can have magic hair that glows when they sing!”
(pardon me, I have kids here who interrupt sometimes)

These were a few popular myths and most of us believe some of them. But the truth is they are not facts. Now I am going to bust the most popular myth that is probably has become a popular belief. Romantic love.
‘Invented’ by French Troubadours some 800 years back through their poetry, plays and songs, Romantic Love Syndrome bring with it some more myths. To make your life easy believe the following and prevent heartache that brings anxiety, depression, grief and sorrow.
*There is nothing like ‘happily ever after”.
* Love does not last forever.
* Love cannot change your spouse/partner.
* Love cannot conquer all.
All the above look very tempting, but in fairy tales.

True Story

True Story

Caution: The baseless belief is lethal. You may end up doing drugs, smoking or drinking habits that could cause cancers.