The Relationship; Part One

It may not be a perfect start for a blog post; because ultimately we all want audience. Many of the times I do care, but sometimes I do not care about what people think and who would read my writings. Well, I woke up yesterday but couldn’t find the time to write anything. I was feeling like I had not been writing for many days. It was just a few minutes ago that I checked my last post date. I wrote my last post on 3rd April and today is 8th; only 4 days in between. But for me it was a long time. Why I did not write? I did not have anything to write.
But, yesterday, something strange happened. Have you ever experience ‘wandering’? Strolling with nothing on your mind; just walking and observing surroundings. And I am not talking about rambling with your dog on walkways surrounded by green fields. I am talking about going to small roadside bazars, watching people arguing when bargaining over a few pennies. There, shopping choices are apparently many but possibilities are limited. I am talking about a walk on small lanes and along unfinished road tracks, dusty and muddy.
I went on such a walk yesterday. Alone. Not with my friend this time. So, you may anticipate what a women walking alone in such areas could experience; scorching hungry dirty gazes, evil grins. But it was not the center of my attention. I just kept moving ahead. I was feeling something else; a connection that was binding me with all the surroundings. The energy that was so engaging that I did not had even a millionth of a moment to pay attention to all the negativity. I was alone, but I was feeling the traces of the shepherd’s personality even here! Everywhere! In such a place that was just opposite to the mere glimpse of him. I remember him once saying, ” Want to experience the purity? Look into a dirty pool where that flower blooms.”
A maybe 12 year old buying cheap dresses with her mother and father. I felt the innocence in her eyes that sparkled when the shopkeeper showed her something colorful.
I literally took a deep breath when there was dust everywhere and an uncovered sewerage line. Gross? Yeah, call me crazy. I wanted to feel the connection more deeply. There were houses there. People live there. They breathe. There were plants, grass and flowers along that dirty water way. Those remind me of the shepherd. The eyes of toddlers, their smiles, their cute moves, everything symbolized his speech. I noticed a wall with very beautiful hand painted pictures. There was some artist nearby.
An old man was selling fruit in front of a huge shopping mall keeping an eye on a 5,6 year old kid who probably was his grandson. The kid was sitting on the stairs of the mall writing in his small copy without noticing other kids of his age in the mall enjoying, buying expensive fun stuff and new clothes with their parents. The kid was seemed contented with his cheap looking but clean dress….
(to be cont.)

Village News- Night Fear

night fear
Why is it too difficult for her to sleep at night. Why is she afraid? And of whom? Why this child is still alive in Atish. Just why? It was a very long time ago when Shah came here to meet her. Only he knows that Atish can be afraid. For everyone else, she can be anything but someone who can feel fear.
Shah knows that she is afraid of dark nights, but he does not know why she never complain of fear when he is around. But when apart he is used to get her messages like, ‘I am scared tonight.’
She is strange sometimes the child inside her is too brave to face the flood, but sometimes even a cry of kitten can make her sweat in fear.

Who will read my blog?

Who will read my blogWell, it was a rhetorical question, but, seriously, who read blogs? It is my second experience as a blog-writer. First blog is buried somewhere under countless more popular search engine results.
What is different in this blog? Why I joined WordPress? Well, the answer lies in one short sentence, ‘I couldn’t bury my inner writer’. And here I am back, typing in here. I have heard a lot about WordPress. See, if I get any real readers here, but I will write anyway. I will write about what ever comes to my mind. I know what you are thinking. (Who cares what you write! You silly-head!) Well, I admit. Who cares! 😀
Well, it is my new born blog and I may share anything. From my business school lectures to even a recipe (No, not like ‘how to boil an egg’ )
One day…
World will use this blog as business encyclopedia! *HAHAHAHA*
No! I don’t think like that. I just write. 🙂