Everything You Can Imagine Exists

Think about every strange place you can imagine. Picture in your mind every strange happening or anyone or anything that you think cannot be real. Now let me tell you one thing; all that you imagine was not only a piece of your wild imagination, but it also exist somewhere in the universe. Humans do not make thoughts they catch them from somewhere out there. We are mere receptors of thoughts and emitters of the same thoughts that we have received.
Whatever, you dream, exists. Yes, even if you dream of yourself flying. You are capable of flying and a part of you fly. Think of yourself as a being who have the power to transform. The part of yourself that you saw was flying, it flies. You catch a glimpse of yourself flying and transfer it to the form you are aware of at this moment. Sometimes you remember it and sometimes you forget it.
If you thought about some creature half man-half chicken, it, too, exists. It is existing somewhere in time and space right in this very moment too.
How illogical or absurd it feels! It is my theory. I believe in it.
Many who clicked it to read will think like there is a monkey somewhere maintaining a blog. I would like to say that you are mixing up two things. The thought you had about my blog and a blogger monkey. Good news is; a blogger monkey is also writing a blog post somewhere in time and space. I, I am human. Proof? First, prove that you are not a robot ūüėÄ

The Relationship; Part One

It may not be a perfect start for a blog post; because ultimately we all want audience. Many of the times I do care, but sometimes I do not care about what people think and who would read my writings. Well, I woke up yesterday but couldn’t find the time to write anything. I was feeling like I had not been writing for many days. It was just a few minutes ago that I checked my last post date. I wrote my last post on 3rd April and today is 8th; only 4 days in between. But for me it was a long time. Why I did not write? I did not have anything to write.
But, yesterday, something strange happened. Have you ever experience ‘wandering’? Strolling with nothing on your mind; just walking and observing surroundings. And I am not talking about rambling with your dog on walkways surrounded by green fields. I am talking about going to small roadside bazars, watching people arguing when bargaining over a few pennies. There, shopping choices are apparently many but possibilities are limited. I am talking about a walk on small lanes and along unfinished road tracks, dusty and muddy.
I went on such a walk yesterday. Alone. Not with my friend this time. So, you may anticipate what a women walking alone in such areas could experience; scorching hungry dirty gazes, evil grins. But it was not the center of my attention. I just kept moving ahead. I was feeling something else; a connection that was binding me with all the surroundings. The energy that was so engaging that I did not had even a millionth of a moment to pay attention to all the negativity. I was alone, but I was feeling the traces of the shepherd’s personality even here! Everywhere! In such a place that was just opposite to the mere glimpse of him. I remember him once saying, ” Want to experience the purity? Look into a dirty pool where that flower blooms.”
A maybe 12 year old buying cheap dresses with her mother and father. I felt the innocence in her eyes that sparkled when the shopkeeper showed her something colorful.
I literally took a deep breath when there was dust everywhere and an uncovered sewerage line. Gross? Yeah, call me crazy. I wanted to feel the connection more deeply. There were houses there. People live there. They breathe. There were plants, grass and flowers along that dirty water way. Those remind me of the shepherd. The eyes of toddlers, their smiles, their cute moves, everything symbolized his speech. I noticed a wall with very beautiful hand painted pictures. There was some artist nearby.
An old man was selling fruit in front of a huge shopping mall keeping an eye on a 5,6 year old kid who probably was his grandson. The kid was sitting on the stairs of the mall writing in his small copy without noticing other kids of his age in the mall enjoying, buying expensive fun stuff and new clothes with their parents. The kid was seemed contented with his cheap looking but clean dress….
(to be cont.)

Why Do Humans Do This To Their Own Species?

I posted this on my stories blog (, but now I think it deserves to be here.
“What they do to their own species. I hate humans.” Browny said to the other pegions on the Square.
“Well I enjoy here. All I want is food so i dont care who is giving it to me.” Bubbly was still munching on food.
“Yeah! Seriously, dude! You have serious issues.” Rocky was trying to impress Twinkle with his ‘cool-dude-attitude’.
“Eh yeah, mayabe some phobia like humanphobia or something.” Freaky was sure about it. Afterall, he has lived with a human psychiatrist for many days.
Psycho cho cho…. someone coughed or called him psycho.
“I am feeling like flying in solitude now. See ya later.” Browny did want to hear these disturbing thoughts. “These pigeons are eating their food and have started to talk like them. They make fun of me. I am their own kind!”
“Hello! Where are you flying?” Lucky seems happier today.
“Hi, I was just… I am not feeling like talking to these crazy birds.”
“oh whao oh! What happened? Are you angry? Do you want me stop flying with you?”
“No. You are nice. I am just angry because they make fun of me.”
“I am not happy with the humans. So, sometimes I… leave it. You tell me. Why are humans so cruel to their own kind? I have seen people snatching other’s huge egg like moving nests they use to go fetch food…”
“Yes. And I have seen them killing others. Although, they dont eat the dead later. I have seen them snatching others food and even others babies! Hurting female-humans. I can tell you a lot. I have lived here since I came out of the egg. ”
“I know it too. You are not wrong. But, I think you dont know them closely enough to understand them well. I was once saved by a human when another one shot me with his gun.”
“Really? How can you fly now?”
“It is because of that other good natured human. He cured me. See, my friend, humans are complicated. They all are good and bad. My mother used to tell me it is all because of humans; this whole world. God wanted them to be happy, that is why He created us. They see us fly and love it. For them, God painted the sky blue and give everything its colors.
You are right, though. They are becoming worse day by day. But, believe me, there are still good humans out there. ”
“How do you know?”
“Reason 1: I observe them closely. Reason 2: My mother told me that when all humans become evil, world will be destroyed.”

Village News: Daily Visit

It had been so long. My shepherd friend did not visit me. Weather was not good here. But today he came. He bought freshly baked cookies. You know how much I love chocolate chip cookies! To tell you the truth, they make me feel like I am having royal breakfast. Well, as my shepherd friend is the greatest chef I have ever met, I loved the cookies he brought today.
“Where were you?” I asked.
“Well, I am coming here daily nowadays. You seem busy in something.”
“Busy? Me? No. I am just doing the routine things. I did not know when you came. Are you coming daily? Really?”
“You were busy. You did not even notice me. I come daily here.”
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. We are friends.” he said. “Lets thank God for everything”.
“What? Is it some kind of activity or ritual…” I couldn’t complete the sentence. I saw lights showering all over my farm and the meadows, illuminating everything. I just fell down on my knees and thank God. For what? I cannot enlist everything, every blessing. I thanked God and felt like the thankfulness is the light coming from some unknown resource and filling up in my heart. My heart felt like a glowing bulb emitting light and I fell asleep.
I am typing this now. It is difficult to open eyes and avoid typos. My friend is still here with me. My heart is still glowing. My friend seems someone out of this world. It seems like it is difficult to understand him. He said that he was coming here daily. When? I don’t know. I was waiting for him. He never tell lies. I know he was coming here if he is saying so, but why I did not notice although I was waiting for him? I don’t have the answer yet.

Monster under the bed

I am Richie. I was 4 year old when I heard about monsters. I never question the existence of such creatures. My philosophy was simple. 

“Earth is¬†a big place. We live here; They (Monsters) live here”. I delivered many speeches on the topic and by the age of 6 I had gathered a huge team of kids who converted and joined my school of thought.

I had a secret though. I¬†was scared of a group of¬†monsters, that according to seniors, lived under beds. I¬†knew, every night¬†the monster under my bed¬†came out to scare the hell out of me. This fear was eating my courage.¬†Then one day, I decided¬†to take a brave step. I decided to¬†wait for him and talk to him about all the mess¬†he and his group members were creating on the Earth. I waited and waited. He did not come out that night and I couldn’t found the courage to look under the bed. I did¬†not remember when I fell asleep.¬†After that night it started to happen on and off. Whenever I decided to have a dialogue, he did not come. Tired of waiting one¬†night I decided to visit him¬†under the bed. I¬†peaked and found him. A¬†round fluffy body with balloon shaped orange head and red eyes,¬†shivering. I busted out into laughter. He was very funny looking fella.¬†

”¬†AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA “, he screamed, “Do not come closer!”

“What happened?” I asked. For a while I had forgotten that I was the one who was supposed to be frightened.

” I knew it, I knew it”, he¬†utter with fear, ” I knew humans were real”.

Village News-Zoned out Writer

The light is coming through the hole in the ceiling. When it rains water finds its way easily through this hole. Nicholas never even once thinks about it. He always thinks about the fictional world only he can see. Today, however, it is a bit different here. He is zoned out. He first time thinks about the way he dresses, notices the cattle he feeds daily and walks around his small house in the middle of his farm. He earns living by selling vegetables he grows in this farm, but he never dwells in this world. He lives in his fictional world and writes about it. Now, finally when he notice the hole he wants to fix it, but suddenly, he sees a man riding on a white horse. The man is coming towards him along the beam of sun light through the hole.

He is back into his real fictional world.