WTF Happiness

Read at your own risk:

So, Where To Find happiness? What did you think? Wow! With all these dirty minds and potty mouths around! No wonder!

Well, leave it. I just abbreviated the tittle to KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).

So, coming back to our topic. We are in search of happiness. We born crying because we never wanted to come out of the womb. We were pretty secure there in our mothers’ body and one day “they” drag us out. Why did we cry when we were born?

Answer? We loved the sense of security that we had. Since then we all are searching for a secure place to live till death. Then there is a fear of death; another uncertainty, another insecurity. Where can we find that security and ultimately the happiness?

Usually, I do not keep the ends open when I post. I try to write my point of view completely. But this is the subject I have been thinking of for a very long time with no satisfactory answer.

I would be very glad if anybody make it clear. We all are in a journey to find happiness. If you are near to it please share with us. Write a post and share the link here or just drop a comment, I would love to hear from you. Maybe, I could learn something.

Thank you.


Silkworm Human

Have you seen someone going mad with all the frustrations in life? We, humans sometimes act like a silkworm. We weave a shell around ourselves and if help does not arrive we die inside those cocoons. Not all have the courage to fight and break themselves free. The best thing about those small shelters is; they seem so secure because they are closed. But when they wrap the humans and the there is no way for air and light, the prisoner dies.