The Training

You all know my Shepherd friend. It is his day again. He did not come today, but contacted me. He sent me a message and he is calling me. I have to wait, though, for the right time. Meanwhile, I have only one thing to do. Pray; pray for the time to come. And I am sure my Shepherd will visit me someday and surprise me again. How he loves to surprise others! I sometimes wants to ask him, why! Why you do not come when I need you the most? But when he visits I forget to ask such things, I forget to complain. And when he comes he never ask questions. He never ask why I did not call or where were I etc. He embrace me with the same love and care. We talk. We laugh. And things become so much clear. But the time when I am waiting; it is tough, friends, very tough. And to be honest, it is one of the biggest course in training. What training? Let me tell you this. He told me about this training, one day.
The story starts time immemorial. When we were with Him. We were so cool! Believe me on this! We had a great connection with God and everything was just perfect. One day God made a plan to introduce us with some change and see who becomes righteous again. ( He already knew who amongst us would fail and who would come back to him, but He is God so we cannot ask him any ‘Whys’). Well, when we come down the spiral (you know what I mean) we become impatient, selfish, arrogant and material-lover. This behavior brought with it pain and suffering, and we assuming ourselves ‘smartypants’ we start searching for peace and fun in shopping, expensive gadgets, cars, luxurious houses, and other people. There is no need to share how this ‘remarkable plan’ turned out. Clearly, God has his own plans and his own timings. So, if we think, we will see a pattern here. A pattern of harship and ease, problems and solutions. So you see, it is actually a training program; the training we need to re-gain our connection with God. . It has uncountable courses and it is always customized for each and every individual because we are different and have different lives. That is why, practically, we cannot compile it into a single prospectus/brochure.
Waiting is the part of this training. It teaches us patience. We cry at nights and during the days, we hide our confusions and disappoinrments behinde fake smiles. Some of us don’t bother pretending to be happy, though. But, accept it with a smile or a frown; we all have to wait in our lives at some point. The wait is integral part of the spiritual grooming. It teaches you patience and patience is important. God does not want us to be reckless. He wants us to be rational and calm. It is tough for us, though. One time you gather all your courage and the other time it shattered like glass hit with stones. For this purpose ‘trials’ were made. Trials wash our souls. They are neccesay in this world. This is how it works. If there were no trials, no turmoils, nothing hurtful then what would be the difference in Paradise and this world. During the tough training time when a soul in being washed with the detergent of trials and trumoils, its world spin so fast that nothing looks clear. This is the time when he turns the ‘washing machine’ off as the soul become clear and ultimately everything around. The ease come and we come out of the washing machine clean and shiny. *teeth sparkle*

Why Do Humans Do This To Their Own Species?

I posted this on my stories blog (, but now I think it deserves to be here.
“What they do to their own species. I hate humans.” Browny said to the other pegions on the Square.
“Well I enjoy here. All I want is food so i dont care who is giving it to me.” Bubbly was still munching on food.
“Yeah! Seriously, dude! You have serious issues.” Rocky was trying to impress Twinkle with his ‘cool-dude-attitude’.
“Eh yeah, mayabe some phobia like humanphobia or something.” Freaky was sure about it. Afterall, he has lived with a human psychiatrist for many days.
Psycho cho cho…. someone coughed or called him psycho.
“I am feeling like flying in solitude now. See ya later.” Browny did want to hear these disturbing thoughts. “These pigeons are eating their food and have started to talk like them. They make fun of me. I am their own kind!”
“Hello! Where are you flying?” Lucky seems happier today.
“Hi, I was just… I am not feeling like talking to these crazy birds.”
“oh whao oh! What happened? Are you angry? Do you want me stop flying with you?”
“No. You are nice. I am just angry because they make fun of me.”
“I am not happy with the humans. So, sometimes I… leave it. You tell me. Why are humans so cruel to their own kind? I have seen people snatching other’s huge egg like moving nests they use to go fetch food…”
“Yes. And I have seen them killing others. Although, they dont eat the dead later. I have seen them snatching others food and even others babies! Hurting female-humans. I can tell you a lot. I have lived here since I came out of the egg. ”
“I know it too. You are not wrong. But, I think you dont know them closely enough to understand them well. I was once saved by a human when another one shot me with his gun.”
“Really? How can you fly now?”
“It is because of that other good natured human. He cured me. See, my friend, humans are complicated. They all are good and bad. My mother used to tell me it is all because of humans; this whole world. God wanted them to be happy, that is why He created us. They see us fly and love it. For them, God painted the sky blue and give everything its colors.
You are right, though. They are becoming worse day by day. But, believe me, there are still good humans out there. ”
“How do you know?”
“Reason 1: I observe them closely. Reason 2: My mother told me that when all humans become evil, world will be destroyed.”

Village News: The Mind Reader

We had a party yesterday. You know, I and my shepherd friend. No need to mention the ‘surprise visit’.
Nowadays, my mind is revolving around some specific human behavior; abuse. This is making me look like I am sick. And no doubt the memories and a lot that is going on right now, has make me sick, Headache is my fellow now. Well, he noticed and through his remarkable knowledge of reading faces (I think, he can read minds), he start telling me his life experiences. He also had abusive people in his life. On the contrary, I always believed that he has had a very peaceful life. He told me a lot about those people and how he lived in between them. Long story short. He told me, “Do not bring them everywhere you go.”
“I have left them.”
“Don’t carry them in your hearts then. Otherwise, you will ruin your present, your future. Lets party!”
Our party is not like others, you know. We eat very strange but delicious food. We talk a lot. Most of the time I am listening.
I am not a good writer, but even if I were Shakespeare I could not write the exact feelings that I experience during our small 2 person conferences.

Village News: Daily Visit

It had been so long. My shepherd friend did not visit me. Weather was not good here. But today he came. He bought freshly baked cookies. You know how much I love chocolate chip cookies! To tell you the truth, they make me feel like I am having royal breakfast. Well, as my shepherd friend is the greatest chef I have ever met, I loved the cookies he brought today.
“Where were you?” I asked.
“Well, I am coming here daily nowadays. You seem busy in something.”
“Busy? Me? No. I am just doing the routine things. I did not know when you came. Are you coming daily? Really?”
“You were busy. You did not even notice me. I come daily here.”
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. We are friends.” he said. “Lets thank God for everything”.
“What? Is it some kind of activity or ritual…” I couldn’t complete the sentence. I saw lights showering all over my farm and the meadows, illuminating everything. I just fell down on my knees and thank God. For what? I cannot enlist everything, every blessing. I thanked God and felt like the thankfulness is the light coming from some unknown resource and filling up in my heart. My heart felt like a glowing bulb emitting light and I fell asleep.
I am typing this now. It is difficult to open eyes and avoid typos. My friend is still here with me. My heart is still glowing. My friend seems someone out of this world. It seems like it is difficult to understand him. He said that he was coming here daily. When? I don’t know. I was waiting for him. He never tell lies. I know he was coming here if he is saying so, but why I did not notice although I was waiting for him? I don’t have the answer yet.

Village News- Flood Destruction

“Strange changes in environment caused rain all the night, here in the village. It is morning and the weather is awful. Rain, earthquake, followed by a flood. Continues raining has caused the lake water to raise 10 feet above the normal mark. It did not happen all of a sudden. Government has arranged life-saving team for the villagers. No death bodies are found, many are missing, dozens (and counting) are getting injured. The houses are drowning and only a few have managed to save some of their belongings and beloved ones.
A minute ago a child has been rescued by the team. He seems to lost his whole family and he needs urgent medical help.
A whole village is on the edge of getting vanished, here. Half of the world is sleeping and the other half just do not care.”
He often watches the same video tape again and again. The panic around the news reporter and the fear on her face always wakes up the child in him. He can still feel the jerks, and than splash of cold water that come out of nowhere and broke their roof. He couldn’t even cried,” MOM!” And a sudden quick sink left him in complete blackout. Then it seemed like he came back to life. He was trying to breathe, but he couldn’t. He was lying on someone’s back and was being lifted up. He saw a rope ladder in front of him. He did not know that was how the Death Angel took children away. “MOM” he tried to call out loud, but again the black out covered him.
He is the child who lost his family. Dozens of villagers were dead and hundreds injured. He was the one who was not lucky enough to even see the faces of his drowned family. They were missing. They are still missing. He never had the chance to see her mother after that last bed-time story. He always to call his mom out loud. He still does so.
and wakes up startled.

Village News: 13th Feb, Pigeons Day

A pigeon woke me up an hour ago. Sitting on the wall, it was continuously  cooing and watching me with its head tilt side-ways. Perhaps, for it I was looking funny or strange. What was wrong with me? Seriously, I do not know. 

I got up, made tea and went out to the farm. A cool breeze with golden sunshine welcomed me outside. I noticed an extraordinary number of birds flying by. And my cattle… they seemed happier today than always.

I do not know from where these birds have come here. I spotted some pairs of pigeons sitting here and there in the farm.

“Is it your Valentine’s Day type of day or something? !3th of Feb? huh?” I asked to one of my sheep. I must admit sheep are very good listeners, only listeners. They do not really reply.

Well, it seems like it is Pigeons Day here in the village. Humans don’t know it, but all animals know.

And here I am sitting on a hay bale, sipping tea, typing this post for some people on some other corner of the world who might read it.

Did I ever tell you about the two pigeons who always sit on the pipe over my kitchen? When I was making tea I realized, that today, on Pigeons Day, only one of them is sitting here. Not cooing, Looking week. ‘Where is the other one?’ I thought.

Maybe, I know the answer. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I am here in my farm. Alone.

Village News- The Village Under Attack

battleThis morning is not like it is always in the village. The clouds of sand and dust all over are blocking the sunshine to touch the village. The noise of the enemy soldiers, sounds of horses gallops and elephants roars are tearing the eardrums. All the common villagers are hiding in their houses. Anything can happen today.
Village soldiers are ready. Ready to fight back in defense.
Mark takes out his sword from the scabbard.. He was not sure of victory, not afraid of defeat, but he was open to the battlefield.
Everyone says that he has a magical sword that just attack at the right time on the right target, but it is not true. He smiles when he listen such rumors. The magic is not in his sword. It is in his mind, his openness to the experiences of war and the gratitude through which he accepts the victory and defeat. His faith is his power, the magic of his sword.
The fight has began, lets see what it brings at the end of today.

Village News-Zoned out Writer

The light is coming through the hole in the ceiling. When it rains water finds its way easily through this hole. Nicholas never even once thinks about it. He always thinks about the fictional world only he can see. Today, however, it is a bit different here. He is zoned out. He first time thinks about the way he dresses, notices the cattle he feeds daily and walks around his small house in the middle of his farm. He earns living by selling vegetables he grows in this farm, but he never dwells in this world. He lives in his fictional world and writes about it. Now, finally when he notice the hole he wants to fix it, but suddenly, he sees a man riding on a white horse. The man is coming towards him along the beam of sun light through the hole.

He is back into his real fictional world.

Village News-The one who does not love his job

Sunday! What a day! It is really a ‘sun’-day here in village. So, everyone seems to enjoy it.
Everyone, except, Nile. Why doesn’t he enjoy Sundays?
Nile works as a ‘home manager’ in a house on the mountain top. The people of the house are as cold as the weather. Sun never rises for Nile. He cleans, wash, dust and feed cattle.
“Why don’t they feed their own cattle?” He often asked to a hotel waiter, where he have his morning tea.
The waiter smiles and say, “If they start doing your work, you would be jobless”, and moves to the next table.
Nile is not happy with his 24/7 job.

Village News- Night Fear

night fear
Why is it too difficult for her to sleep at night. Why is she afraid? And of whom? Why this child is still alive in Atish. Just why? It was a very long time ago when Shah came here to meet her. Only he knows that Atish can be afraid. For everyone else, she can be anything but someone who can feel fear.
Shah knows that she is afraid of dark nights, but he does not know why she never complain of fear when he is around. But when apart he is used to get her messages like, ‘I am scared tonight.’
She is strange sometimes the child inside her is too brave to face the flood, but sometimes even a cry of kitten can make her sweat in fear.