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Acceptance; Key to Happiness

“I cannot believe I turned 30.”
“40! You are now old, man!”
“Wrinkles! I will look creepy in the years to come!”
“My dad had a heartache. He had a huge business loss.”
“She wants divorce.”
“You do not love me anymore.”
“I am here in old age home and my daughter in law has snatched my son from me.”
“Sigh! Those golden old days! I remember when I was…..”

We have heard all the above and a lot more complains. We don’t like changes, but everything is prone to change. We need sunshine to ripe our crops, but if the sun shines all the time the crop will get withered. Days transform into nights. Seasons change. Time passes. We cannot be young for as long as we live as we cannot be a toddler for all our lives. Once we lived in caves now we build houses. Once we were dependent on our parents for survival, but now we do not ask them to feed us. Imagine a 12 year old still crawling because he does not want to change. Imagine your old KG friend still stealing your lunch. Imagine your are still after your first crush.
Everything changes, everyone changes. In most cases, we accept those changes. And when we accept we transform ourselves and get comfortable with the new state. The problem begins when we refuse to accept. The lack or absence of acceptance causes discomfort and distress.

How can we accept the changes?
We can train our mind to accept changes. It is simple. But it takes time. Follow these steps and see results.
1. Act as if you have accepted. Try to control your mind, do not let your mind control you.
2. Stop whining.
3. Do what you enjoy the most.
4. Keep yourself busy.
5 Talk to yourself. Obviously, you do not want to do this in front of everyone. Sit in front of a mirror and tell yourself that everything is fine. You are still beautiful. You are emotionally independent. You are capable to accept the changes. You are capable to move on. You are strong. Say whatever lifts your spirit, but do not ‘console’.
6.Be patient and pray.

Try the above exercise and you will be surprised to see a whole new ‘You’.
Embrace the changes!