Why I hate OM (Harsh Reality blogger)

1. I have been following this blog ( http://aopinionatedman.com/) for a very long time and I am a blogger for much longer time. I have seen a rapid growth in Harsh Reality’s “follow-ship” I have noticed the ongoing tremendous increase in the number of followers. It is the first reason of me hating OM. Why don’t I have such a number of followers?

2. The followers I talked about in the first point are not “mere followers” who clicked the “follow button” and sleeps for years or forgets that some freak write for them in his/her blog almost DAILY. Most of the Harsh Reality’s followers (I think nearly all of them ) are fans of OM. I am one those urgh! And I HATE it! I HATE to love to read HR’s posts.

3. The third and equally huge reason of my hatred is the number of haters OM has. Now, we don’t have any stats on the site stating the exact number of haters that site has, but OM frequently addresses the people who hate him. Being said that here, I mean, how come he has more haters then  the total number of my followers! And I HATE it!!!!

4. I generally hate “me-posts” and I am genuinely not interested in anyone’s day or family or how an anniversary went etc. BUT I found myself reading the posts about his routine life and children etc. I love to read these posts on HR and guess what I HATE to love those.

5.  Last but not the least, I am also a writer. English is my second language (so what? If I want to make my writing grammatically error free I re-check it) Why is he a better writer than me? Where he gets the easy flow in his writings from? I am kinda fan of this flawless free-flowing writing and I myself have written another whole post about the blog (https://baadseher.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/offended-by-harsh-reality/).

Note: Here I wanted to take it our of my heart and clean it. But I doubt this post declaring my hatred clearly. It more like a confession that I am a stronger fan.

Words Retention: A Writers’ Disease

Words retention is a disease in writing world. It happens when due to any cause(s) a writer does not write. Heaviness in heart and fogging in mind are the most common symptoms of this diseases. The severity of the symptoms are directly proportional to the time the words retained in the mind of a writer. In worse scenarios a writer can become cranky.
Oh yes, I am trying to be very precise and ‘to-the-point’ here, but I am really feeling like punching someone in the face.
I also feel like crying, throwing things out of the window, yelling at the people on TV and dropping plant pots on the passersby’s heads. So, probably, in the worst case Words Retention can become a cause of violent type of psychological disorders.
You are right if you are thinking that I am just rambling here and there is no scientific base to this theory. So what? I have been retaining many words as some of them made their way out here on this WordPress blog.

Keep Them Guessing

The cool thing about blogging is it has no boundaries set. You are free to write whatever you want and people read it! Well, coming to the point; have you ever felt like a celebrity? Have you ever experience those days or months when suddenly you become the center of merry-go-round and people keep coming back with the same nosy questions? Being center of attention is probably not the chase when it comes to your personal matters.
I read a very cool strategy about handling such situations where you become the pry of your nosy relatives or neighbors. Just give it a try the next time when you face such irritating situation. Say,
“It is the policy of the United States Navy to neither confirm nor deny the existence of nuclear weapons aboard its vessels.”
When you are asked, “When are you planning to have a baby?”
Reply, ” It is the policy of the United States Navy to neither confirm nor deny the existence of nuclear weapons aboard its vessels.”
When someone ask about yours or yours husband’s salary, simply say, “It is the policy ….”
Question: When are you buying a house?
Answer: “It is the policy….”
Repeat the same answer even if they twist the question. Have fun!
*Keep your tone polite and fun.
*Never be rude or irritated otherwise you will give them a gossip about your outburst and you will never leave the “spotlight” for many days to come.

Most Influential Writing Moment

I am editing this post because I do not want some people to read it. 😀 I am smiling here thinking about what would they guess if they read that I told the whole world something and before it could reach them I just deleted it! lol
In the response to http://aopinionatedman.com/2014/04/17/challenge-most-influential-writing-moment/
I am going to share ‘my most influential writing moment moments’.
I have such glorious moments very often. There are two types of them that I have experienced.
Type 1 Moments: These are the moments when I feel a divine connection. I pack my bags and go on writing like I am on the mission rescue to all the struggling souls. (You may read about this phenomenon here https://baadseher.wordpress.com/about-author/ ). Lending helping hands, seeing through my scholastic glasses with a coffee mug on my side which soon cools down as I forget to sip in enthusiasm of writing.
Type 2 Moments: These are moments when … DELETED STUFF HERE (I cannot believe I am sharing this to the world!) … DELETED STUFF HERE stories emerge from my mind ( http://storiesbundle.wordpress.com/ )…DELETED STUFF HERE
It is so confidential that it can be read worldwide, but it should not reach a few people.
(A women cannot keep secrets. Hence proved).

The Enemy Mind-set

I woke up this morning and there was a disturbing thought already waiting for me to wake up. Out of coffee, tea I ate scrambled eggs and bread and opened WP. The thought was still here, scratching my brain and trying to make it bleed. I am now thinking about the people who cause such negativity; who left behind them the traces of their harshness; who whenever meet you make you feel run away. What is wrong with such people? I tried to think like they did and made a ‘evil plan’ once. Believe me, I couldn’t bring the plan into reality as only the thought of hurting someone so badly made me feel the exact pain that I felt for myself.
So, what do these people think all day long? I am trying to anticipate here, the answer to this question.
I woke and think about coffee, first. They think about…coffee. Yes, I think the people whose first thought is something else other than coffee or tea doesn’t know if such a beverage exists.
When I start reading and writing they go to their offices or do the home chores. Then we 9I and the enemies too) start worrying about lunch. I eat lunch and sometimes I skip it and they probably eat their lunches. After lunch=time I go back to my reading writing and they go back to their works.
At tea time I have a chat with my younger siblings. Then start making dinner for my foodie siblings. I experiment with new recipes. At night, after praying I struggle to sleep, read and pray for the pain to go away.
Voila!!!!! Discovery!!
Maybe when I think about them and mourn over my heart wounds, they plan to give me more wounds! Phew! After praying and reading I go to my ‘irregular- sleep’ and they go on planning all night long. Poor fellas They cannot even sleep properly, like me.
One think more, when in the morning I try my best to copy Starbucks coffee style. They go on plotting evil for me. It is a tough business to make someone’s life hell, I bet! You cannot even drink your coffee in peace.
May God protect me and others from evil and help evil people to leave the Satan’s path. Amen

A Writer Who Does Not Want Money: Part 2

I posted this yesterday https://baadseher.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/a-writer-who-doesnt-want-money/ and my friend http://suespen2paper.com/ ( I count her among my friends, now) commented,

“I hate to tell you but a publisher will not publish without some expectation of earnings from your book. They’ll get it through charging you to publish it and/or selling them. You can go to a printer and have them print it/ self-publishing and then do what you want with them. If you have no desire to make $ for yourself or a ministry what is your motive?

I thank her to for this comment as it really made me think. What I want?
I think I want to reach people through my writings. I want to help souls even if I am confined in my room (no I am not a prisoner, but a housewife and I am glad I am). How I want to help? My blog is somewhat the shade of my desire. I want to contribute to the peace of minds; to the relaxation of souls; to lift up the spirits. I do not have money for this purpose. So, I opt for a blog and am considering self publishing (if it exists for free). May God help me. Amen.

When People Stop Following My Blog

One day, I realized that the number of my blog followers is not increasing like it was increasing when I joined WordPress. Well, maybe, one is reason is; I am not very active and not being the crazy blogger I used to be. And second reason is; I have been thinking a lot that my mind is numb. Well, I was talking about the wordpress followers following everything but my blog.
This tendency of people have made me brave. Now, when I know that people are not interested in my blah-g I am free to write whatever I want. Yay!
Ahem… Should I really be happy? Believe me I am. I am writing here anonymously and no one knows what I am up to. I can brag, I can share good things. I can kick my dark side and share with the whole world the story of what and how happened. (Like here http://storiesbundle.com ; ) I can be what I want. Because I know. No one knows that I am sharing.
This scenario have another side too. It is my side; my tendency of not improving as a blogger. SEO, search engines, permalinks, meta…metaphysics? I don’t know. Whatever I am not doing whet I used to do for others. (Yes, I used to write SEO articles). It is my space. I am freeeee! Let see who is thinking with me in the same rhythm in this huge world and joins me incidentally.

The Relationship; Part One

It may not be a perfect start for a blog post; because ultimately we all want audience. Many of the times I do care, but sometimes I do not care about what people think and who would read my writings. Well, I woke up yesterday but couldn’t find the time to write anything. I was feeling like I had not been writing for many days. It was just a few minutes ago that I checked my last post date. I wrote my last post on 3rd April and today is 8th; only 4 days in between. But for me it was a long time. Why I did not write? I did not have anything to write.
But, yesterday, something strange happened. Have you ever experience ‘wandering’? Strolling with nothing on your mind; just walking and observing surroundings. And I am not talking about rambling with your dog on walkways surrounded by green fields. I am talking about going to small roadside bazars, watching people arguing when bargaining over a few pennies. There, shopping choices are apparently many but possibilities are limited. I am talking about a walk on small lanes and along unfinished road tracks, dusty and muddy.
I went on such a walk yesterday. Alone. Not with my friend this time. So, you may anticipate what a women walking alone in such areas could experience; scorching hungry dirty gazes, evil grins. But it was not the center of my attention. I just kept moving ahead. I was feeling something else; a connection that was binding me with all the surroundings. The energy that was so engaging that I did not had even a millionth of a moment to pay attention to all the negativity. I was alone, but I was feeling the traces of the shepherd’s personality even here! Everywhere! In such a place that was just opposite to the mere glimpse of him. I remember him once saying, ” Want to experience the purity? Look into a dirty pool where that flower blooms.”
A maybe 12 year old buying cheap dresses with her mother and father. I felt the innocence in her eyes that sparkled when the shopkeeper showed her something colorful.
I literally took a deep breath when there was dust everywhere and an uncovered sewerage line. Gross? Yeah, call me crazy. I wanted to feel the connection more deeply. There were houses there. People live there. They breathe. There were plants, grass and flowers along that dirty water way. Those remind me of the shepherd. The eyes of toddlers, their smiles, their cute moves, everything symbolized his speech. I noticed a wall with very beautiful hand painted pictures. There was some artist nearby.
An old man was selling fruit in front of a huge shopping mall keeping an eye on a 5,6 year old kid who probably was his grandson. The kid was sitting on the stairs of the mall writing in his small copy without noticing other kids of his age in the mall enjoying, buying expensive fun stuff and new clothes with their parents. The kid was seemed contented with his cheap looking but clean dress….
(to be cont.)

Blog: A Book Not For Sale, But to Read

Sigh! I blog because I cannot write a book. Even if I write one, who will publish it? I don’t even want to think. I have written a few pages of my 3 novels. Guess what? I will show my writings to my future kids (new kind of domestic violence, ha!).
It was after a month when I join WordPress, my sister looked at the home page and scroll it all the way down.
“You say I think a lot. You think a-l-o-t!”
She is not a huge fan, nor a wordpress follower. I don’t know it was a compliment or the plain girly ‘blah blah comment’. (We, women. We love to talk. All the time. What if we cannot solve problems! We just ‘talk them off’. Men will never understand this phenomenon.)
Well, I just write things off many times, metaphorically (here on Black Grey and White). Many times, just to give a way to the voices in my head to vent out (storiesbundle.wordpress.com) . It is approx. the middle of my life (I am going to be 27 soon), I have learned a lot, but it seems that I have to learn even more. Life is so rich of experiences and I surprisingly experience the ‘not-very-common ones’.
Sometimes, I think what will I do if I couldn’t write? Strange thought… I know.
I wish a publishing fairy come to me and say, ” I will make books of your blog and I will publish your novels. You just sit and write.”

Imagination Is What I Have Got

Afternoons are boring, esp. summer afternoons. Nothing special to do. Nothing good on TV (well, I think so.) All we have is to imagine. Imagination is such a strong tool that can lift your spirits within seconds without you moving your eyelashes (I always try to keep it clean. I know it is hard for someone who watches modern ‘TV shows’.
Well, I was talking about afternoons, summer afternoons ..no…imagination. I was talking about imagination. Pardon me, I sometimes becomes crazy as I am striving to become a great person. Believe me, you have to be crazy beyond your limits to be accepted as one of the wisests.
In my imagination, I am a little kid having an ice sword fighting evil in ice-age type land. I too good at this business. I am using my full strength and using my sword in the best possible way I know. My golden soft hair touching my forehead and snow is looking like beads in my hair. Wearing a fur fighting suit, I am looking like the bravest 12 year old on earth. Wow!
Note: Please, keep your imagination to yourself or write it down on your blog, like I do here on Black Grey and White and on Epic Life (http://storiesbundle.wordpress.com). Why? Well, what do you think about a 27 year old sitting in a small room with 31 degree centigrade outside, claiming to fight the evil with an ice sword on snowy mountain tops?